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Range of multipliers

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, scientific information service distributes its contents via various channels. In addition, idw works together with selected content partners in order to optimise the outreach of news and events

After consulting with Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, content partners embed the selected idw contents into their own program, such as research findings from chemistry or personnel news from universities.

How do I become a content partner?

Prerequisites for an content partnership with Informationsdienst Wissenschaft are:

  • your institution belongs to one of the following groups: broadcasting corporation, publisher, government office, platform provider aimed at one or more idw target groups (journalists, scientists, students, teachers / professors, school children, general public with an interest in science)
  • our news and events are not the only editorials or current content on your websites
  • you indicate individual sources of the shared news and link back to the original article in idw
  • you make a clear and distinct reference to the cooperation with Informationsdienst Wissenschaft both on your websites and in your General Terms and Conditions
  • idw has your permission to refer to you as their outreach partner on idw web pages
  • you inform idw on the access numbers of the shared contents
  • you do not share everything, but rather a part of the our contents
Technical interface:

For the purpose of automatic sharing of Informationsdienst Wissenschaft news and events, we will provide content partners with a powerful API with login details and a documentation. The interface delivers all idw news and events and comes with numerous built-in filters, allowing the contents to be filtered according to:

  • type of news or events (e.g. research findings, research projects, personnel announcements or conferences, symposia, (annual) conventions)
  • subject areas (e.g. biology, medicine, electrotechnology, society or bundled topics such as health or technology & industry)
  • target groups (e.g. journalists, scientists, teachers or professors)
  • region or range (e.g. Berlin, Bavaria or regional / supraregional)
  • language (German / English)

Sharing our contents is generally free of charge. However, Informationsdienst Wissenschaft charges you a non-recurring fee for setting up the API and also – when necessary – for creating additional filters for contents.

Would you like to become our content partner?
Then please get in touch with us.


Search / advanced search of the idw archives
Combination of search terms

You can combine search terms with and, or and/or not, e.g. Philo not logy.


You can use brackets to separate combinations from each other, e.g. (Philo not logy) or (Psycho and logy).


Coherent groups of words will be located as complete phrases if you put them into quotation marks, e.g. “Federal Republic of Germany”.

Selection criteria

You can also use the advanced search without entering search terms. It will then follow the criteria you have selected (e.g. country or subject area).

If you have not selected any criteria in a given category, the entire category will be searched (e.g. all subject areas or all countries).