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11/19/2013 11:53

Strategic University Communication

Andrea Mayer-Grenu Abteilung Hochschulkommunikation
Universität Stuttgart

    RESEARCH LIFE - The new University of Stuttgart magazine

    The University of Stuttgart is optimising the strategic university communication with a new print product. The new University of Stuttgart magazine with the programmatic title “FORSCHUNG LEBEN“ (RESEARCH LIFE) aims at linking science and society through the journalistic features that address questions and problems from society and provide information on solutions from the diverse research spectrum at the University of Stuttgart. The topic in the first issue is “Changing Society“.
    The special issue opens with a feature by Prof. Peter Strohschneider, President of the German Research Association (DFG) on the tension between science and society. The journalistic categories include articles on numerous social topics from the energy turnaround, electromobility and climate research to the solution of complex problems through simulation technology up to rethinking in economic production and the achievements in philosophy in the digital age. Prof. Thomas Weber, Alumnus from the University of Stuttgart and Head of Research at Daimler, also had the opportunity to speak about his visions on mobility of the future.
    Dr. Hans-Herwig Geyer, Head of University Communication and Press Spokesperson: “The editorial concept of the new university magazine of the University of Stuttgart wishes to arouse the interest of a wider readership for the research diversity at our university. The new perspective from which we will be discussing social and science topics in future, also aims at expanding the target group from business, politics and society. These important multipliers are to make the new university magazine transparent with valuable contributions by the scientists from the University of Stuttgart to meet the global social challenges.”

    Further information:
    Dr. Hans-Herwig Geyer, University of Stuttgart, Head of University Communication and Press Spokesperson,
    Tel. 0711/685-82555, Email: hans-herwig.geyer (at)
    Andrea Mayer-Grenu, University of Stuttgart, Department of University Communication
    Tel. 0711/685-82176, Email: andrea.mayer-grenu (at)

    Criteria of this press release:
    Journalists, all interested persons
    transregional, national
    Scientific Publications


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