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07/21/2016 - 07/22/2016 | Blaubeuren

1st International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries

The 1st International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries addresses the research community in this rapidly growing field. It is the aim of the symposium to present and discuss the recent state-of-the art and the progress in the field.

Magnesium batteries have attracted considerable attention by international research activities, because magnesium offers a number of attractive features for future batteries. The metal anode has nearly double the volumetric capacity of lithium metal, at a negative reduction potential of -2.37 Vs SHE. Moreover, a significant advantage of magnesium is the lack of dendrite formation during charging, which overcomes major safety challenges encountered with using lithium metal anodes. Several breakthroughs were achieved and important progress has been made in the last years, in particular in the development of electrolytes with mild chemistry and high efficiency and in the development of first conversion and intercalation-type cathodes. First fundamental studies have elucidated mechanisms of Mg intercalation or chemical interaction of the electrolyte with the electrodes.

Information on participating / attending:
Schedule - Deadlines
Deadline for abstracts (oral) 15.05.2016
Deadline for abstracts (posters) 15.06.2016
End of Registration (regular ) 15.07.2016

Symposium Fees
Senior participants have to pay a registration fee of 150 € and students have to pay 75 €. Registration is required to attend any of the symposium activities.

Registration and payment will be possible from
February 2016 over

Call for Abstracts
We invite prospective authors to submit Abstracts for lectures or posters relating to the symposium.
Abstract submission will be opened within the next days at We plan contributions on the following subjects:
• Electrolytes and additives
• Electrode interfaces
• Cathodes
• Anodes
• Modelling
• Systems
A poster session on the evening of the first day (July 21) will offer additional space for contributions.


07/21/2016 09:00 - 07/22/2016 15:40

Registration deadline:


Event venue:

Tagungszentrum Blaubeuren,
Hessenhöfe 33
89143 Blaubeuren

Target group:

Scientists and scholars, Students

Email address:



Subject areas:

Chemistry, Electrical engineering, Energy, Materials sciences, Physics / astronomy

Types of events:

Conference / symposium / (annual) conference




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