The Neonatal Window of Opportunity - Early Priming for Life

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12/05/2016 - 12/07/2016 | Hannover

The Neonatal Window of Opportunity - Early Priming for Life

The latest research on the critical importance of the early postnatal priming period for life long immune homeostasis and health will be discussed at the Herrenhausen Conference on December 5-7, 2016, in Hanover, Germany.

Environmental, nutritional and microbial exposure modulates important biological processes in our body including the maturation of our immune system. Recent epidemiological and experimental studies indicate that exogenous factors when encountered early in life can result in life long imprinting of immune and other processes and thereby predispose for disease resistance or susceptibility. This phenomenon is known as "window of opportunity" to describe the restricted time frame during early development during which the influence can take place. These findings thus shed light on a new interrelationship between early postnatal development and long term health and represent a possible paradigm shift in the understanding of the etiology of human diseases with major influence on future epidemiological studies and impact on the clinical management and care of neonates and young children.

To obtain more insight in the interaction between the environment and the host during this early time in life a cooperative effort between researchers of different disciplines and an extended view on epidemiological links between early exposure and disease development is needed overcoming the traditional view on the etiology of human diseases. The Herrenhausen Conference "The neonatal window of opportunity, early priming for life" aims at providing a first step in this direction in order to initiate inter-actions and cooperative initiatives and booster future research on factors that influence the priming period early in life and determine the susceptibility to disease in adult individuals.


Prof. Mathias Hornef, Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, Germany and
Prof. Harald Renz, Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg (UKGM), Germany


- Organ development & environmental exposure of the neonate
- Maturation of the immune system
- Age-dependent susceptibility to immune mediated disease
- Age-dependent susceptibility to infection
- Mechanisms of adaptation to postnatal life
- Functional consequences of neonatal exposure
- Environmental exposure & disease susceptibility
- Perspectives of Future Research in the Field of early priming of life

The detailed program can be found in the download area and on our website:


The conference language is English.


If you would like to attend the conference, please register by clicking on "Register Now" at our website. There are no fees for attendance but registration is essential.


The Volkswagen Foundation offers up to 30 Travel Grants for young researchers who wish to attend the conference. We are inviting Ph.D. students or early Postdocs (max. 5 years since Ph.D.) working on independent and challenging projects on the ontogeny of immunity and immune priming to apply for a travel grant . Applicants are required to apply until August 1, 2016 by using the application form. The travel grant covers attendance, accommodation and travel expenses (excl. cab fares, parking, food and beverages while travelling as well as poster printing costs). It is also possible to submit an abstract without applying for a travel grant.


Approved as "Fortbildungsveranstaltung gemäß der Fortbildungsordnung der Ärztekammer Niedersachsen" Veranstaltungsnummer: 2760302016289450007,


Please note that you are responsible for booking your accommodation. As Hannover is a city that hosts many fairs, we recommend booking a hotel as soon as you register.


Please cancel your registration if you cannot attend the conference. We have a waiting list for the meeting and can offer your place to another person if you cannot attend. Simply use the registration tool to cancel or send us an email.


The conference is held at Herrenhausen Palace, a new conference center in Hannover, Germany.


With its Herrenhausen Conferences the Volkswagen Foundation provides international experts as well as junior researchers with a platform for an intense interdisciplinary dialogue on exciting new areas of research and innovative methodological approaches. The main focus of the conferences does lie on the current challenges faced by each research area rather than on further in-depth discussions and analyses of individual well-established topics. We are interested in unanswered questions and unsolved problems – and in the respective research field's relevance for society.

Information on participating / attending:
There are no fees for attendance but registration is essential.


12/05/2016 14:30 - 12/07/2016 16:00

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Event venue:

Schloss Herrenhausen / Herrenhausen Palace
Herrenhäuser Str. 5
30419 Hannover

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Scientists and scholars, Students



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Biology, Medicine, Nutrition / healthcare / nursing

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Conference / symposium / (annual) conference




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