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05/14/2017 - 05/19/2017 | Dresden

22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences 2017 (ISRS)

The International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (ISRS) is the world’s largest conference on radiopharmaceutical sciences. It will be an outstanding pleasure to welcome colleagues from all over the world to the upcoming 22nd ISRS 2017 in Dresden! Dresden as city of science and culture is the appropriate place with a 60-years history on the development, production and application of radiopharmaceuticals.

The ISRS brings together over 700 experts in radiopharmaceutical sciences, to discuss the latest innovative discovery strategies in radionuclide labeling as well as approaches in radionuclide diagnosis and therapy.
The 22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences provides an unprecedented opportunity to gain insights from key presenters of the heavy elements chemistry, Radiotracer-based imaging, Radiotherapy using heavy protons and applications in the field of Inflammation and Alzheimer diseases.

The scientific sessions are divided in various topics such as:
- new labeling strategies for fluorine-18/carbon-11/radiometals
- targetry and production of novel radionuclides
- radiotracer development for oncology, CSN and infection

A pre-symposium is provided with honorable speakers and actual topics of the radiopharmacy.

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf as organizer of ISRS 2017 with more than 1.000 employees from about 50 nations was founded as a “traditional” nuclear research center in 1956 and is nowadays home to cutting-edge research in the areas of energy, health, and matter. Its “Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research” can look back to 60 years of research in the fields of radiopharmacy/radiochemistry with special emphasis on radiometal-based radiopharmaceuticals and research towards radiotracers for PET imaging (

Keynote Speakers
Opening Plenary Lecture - Heavy Elements:
Prof. Andreas Türler - Universität Bern & Paul-Scherrer-Institut (Switzerland)

Plenary Lecture I - Infection/Inflammation:
Prof. Alberto Signore - Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)

Plenary Lecture II - Radiotracer-based Imaging:
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Ziegler - Technische Universität München (Germany)

Plenary Lecture III - Radiotherapy with Heavy Ions:
Prof. Wolfgang Enghardt - Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)

Plenary Lecture IV - Alzheimer Disease / Diabetes:
Prof. Hans Ulrich Demuth - Probiodrug AG, Halle (Germany)

Information on participating / attending:
February 21, 2017: End of Early Registration Fee (Regular)
April 28, 2017: End of Regular Registration Fee (Late)

Journalists have free access to the conference. Prior accreditation via e-mail is required:


05/14/2017 08:30 - 05/19/2017 15:00

Registration deadline:


Event venue:

International Congress Center Dresden | Ostra-Ufer 2, Devrientstr. 10-12
01067 Dresden

Target group:

Scientists and scholars

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Biology, Chemistry, Medicine

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Conference / symposium / (annual) conference




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