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10/25/2017 - 10/25/2017 | Mainz

On-line Process Analytics Demonstration Workshop

Motivated by “Industry 4.0” requirements we are preparing a many-faceted one-day program that will highlight the potential of microfluidic analysis systems and sensors for process control in the most diverse application areas of process manufacturing. This will include the monitoring of physical, chemical or biological parameters in applications such as chemical processing, contamination detection in food & beverages or oil analysis.

The event will start in the mid-morning with a presentation by Frank Grümbel from Lanxess Deutschland GmbH dealing with Process Analytical Technology, its great potential for industrial applications and the respective implementation challenges for Industry 4.0. Afterwards Michael Baßler, head of the “Analysis Systems and Sensors Division” at Fraunhofer ICT-IMM will provide you an insight of how we match our in-house capabilities regarding the development of analysis systems and sensors with customer specific needs.

Benefit from live demonstrations of our systems, sensors and technologies during a guided lab tour after lunch:

Lab station 1: On-line Monitoring of Chemical Composition
Optical measuring technology, aqueous solutions (e.g., DSP solution), dispersionless technique, high accuracy, minimal acquisition time, wafer cleaning.

Lab station 2: Microfluidic Cell Counting
Optical fluorescence measurement, continuous flow, on-line, fully automated, measurement and detection of two wavelengths, cell number, differentiation of cells, single particle detection.

Lab station 3: Multi-Parameter On-line Oil Monitoring
Optical transmission spectroscopy, non-dispersive, simultaneous monitoring of several parameters, flow-through cell, autonomous, thermophile detector.

Lab station 4: Continuous On-line Determination of Ion Concentrations
pH determination, flow-through, ppm range, potentiometric detection, sample preparation, continuous sampling, autonomous, continuous process control, µl-samples.

Lab station 5: Particle Analyzer
Dynamic light scattering, continuous process, tuning particle size by real-time feedback, adaption for other particle systems and processes, high flow rates, wide particle size spectrum.

Information on participating / attending:
To register please email us at with your company name and full names of all visitors. We will also be happy to answer any event-related questions. If you wish to prearrange a meeting with one of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance.


10/25/2017 10:15 - 10/25/2017 16:30

Event venue:

Fraunhofer ICT-IMM
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 18-20
55129 Mainz

Target group:

Business and commerce



Subject areas:

Biology, Chemistry, Environment / ecology, Medicine, Nutrition / healthcare / nursing

Types of events:

Seminar / workshop / discussion




Dr. Stefan Kiesewalter


Marketing - Strategisches Management

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