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06/26/2018 - 06/26/2018 | Hannover


In the recent years, various products based on renewable resources have been developed and already became an integral part of our daily life. Dynamic growth of this field is a global trend and has led to the increased research activities in areas such as “bioplastics”, “biocomposites” and “biobased hybrid composites”. Further important issues concerning these new materials are “recycling”, “sustainability” and “life-cycle-analysis” among many others.

In order to develop new international approaches and partnerships to master these global challenges together, material scientists from the Application Center for Wood Fiber Research HOFZET of Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research and IfBB – Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts are currently organizing a framework to connect German and Canadian research institutes and industry partners.

Offering a webinar and an open web meeting, HOFZET and IfBB will provide:
- An overview of the entire value-added chain for the manufacture and development of biobased products for technical applications in various sectors,
- an introduction to modern production processes and equipment for development of various bioplastics, biocomposites and biobased hybrid composites combined with
- an insight into the corresponding analytics, state-of-the-art applications as well as assessment methods and databases.

The webinar is addressed to all interested parties regardless of academic background. There are two dates offered in June. After the webinar, participants are encouraged to join a web-based discussion.
These are preliminary events of the international workshop “Biocomposites for technical applications”, which is going to be held in October 2018 in London (Canada).
Registration for the webinar is free and independent from the participation on the workshop.
We cordially invite you to participate in this event.
You can find more information and register for free here:

Information on participating / attending:
You can find more information and register for free here:


06/26/2018 10:00 - 06/26/2018 11:00

Event venue:

Hochschule Hannover, IfBB - Institut für Biokunststoffe und Bioverbundwerkstoffe
Heisterbergallee 10 A
30453 Hannover

Target group:

Business and commerce, Scientists and scholars



Subject areas:

Environment / ecology, Materials sciences, Mechanical engineering

Types of events:

Presentation / colloquium / lecture




Dr. Lisa Mundzeck


IfBB - Institut für Biokunststoffe und Bioverbundwerkstoffe

Event is free:


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