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10/08/2019 - 10/11/2019 | Bad Teinach

CfA: International Autumn School “Cognitive Interfaces” of the Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen

From October 8 - 11, 2019 the International Autumn School "Cognitive Interfaces" will be held in the Black Forest. The Autumn School focuses on the complex interplay of digital technologies and human interaction. Early career researchers are invited to engage in four days of intensive discussion and hands-on sessions on the challenges and potentials of digital technologies for the execution of knowledge-intensive activities such as complex decision making, or self-regulated learning.

“Cognitive Interfaces”
The development of information and communication technologies has made enormous progress in the 21st century. They have created an interface which makes access to an enormous variety of information possible in real time. They create an interface which supports how we think, what we know, how we make decisions and how we behave – in this sense it is a cognitive interface, in that it can collaboratively support people’s cognitive processes. Interfaces are also in a second sense cognitive interfaces, in that they themselves increasingly demonstrate characteristics of cognitive systems. They are increasingly adaptable, draw inferences and thus “participate” to some extent in social and cognitive processes. The potential of digital technologies is especially promising in knowledge-intensive activities – these can be in learning contexts or in professional use.

How do these interfaces need to be designed to encourage optimal knowledge acquisition, understanding and exchange, as well as optimal decision-making and problemsolving? And what challenges and potentials are associated with this? These are the leading questions addressed by the Autumn School “Cognitive Interfaces“.

The Autumn School is open to all Ph.D. students and post-doctoral researchers in the fields of psychology, computer science, social sciences (e. g., communication science, sociology, education science), or medicine, dealing with questions in the field of digital technologies. It presents a unique opportunity to meet fellow researchers and learn from outstanding scientific leaders, to develop new research ideas, discuss recent developments from a scientific point of view and to expand the interdisciplinary network.

Information on participating / attending:
Participation is free of charge
Please note that the number of participants is limited to 25.
Registration by June 15, 2019 via E-Mail to


10/08/2019 - 10/11/2019

Registration deadline:


Event venue:

Lautenbachhof, Bad Teinach
Black Forest, Germany

(A shuttle bus from Tübingen Main Station to the venue will be provided for all participants for arrival and departure)
Bad Teinach

Target group:

Scientists and scholars, Students

Email address:



Subject areas:

Information technology, Media and communication sciences, Medicine, Psychology, Teaching / education

Types of events:

Seminar / workshop / discussion




Leibniz-Wissenschafts Campus Tübingen


Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen

Event is free:


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URL of this event:

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