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06/17/2019 - 06/19/2019 | Greifswald

From Topology to Photonics and beyond

Scientific Chairs: Professor Dr. Holger Fehske (Greifswald), Professor Dr. Alexander Szameit (Rostock)

In the context of photonics, topology has emerged as a new fundamental paradigm for controlling the flow of light. As such, it holds great promise for a wide range of advanced applications, which already begin to manifest themselves in the recent realizations of topological transport in photonic Floquet insulators. This International Conference aims at exploring the interdisciplinary synergy emerging at the interface between topology and photonics. A series of tutorial lectures and topical research presentations will review the current state of topological photonics and introduce promising future research avenues. In this way, the International Conference will provide a platform for the intensive exchange between young researchers and established scientists.

If required we will take care of your hotel reservation. Please provide the *exact* date of arrival/departure during registration. Rates are approximately 85,00 € (single room)/60,00€ - 90,00 € (double room) per night, to be paid at the hotel. Unfortunately, single room reservations cannot be guaranteed. In case you prefer to arrange your accommodation on your own, please be advised that the "Bach-Woche" event takes place parallel to our International Conference. Hotel rooms are expected to be rare, and early booking is strongly recommended.
Invited speakers: Accommodation (single room) will be reserved and paid for by Krupp-Kolleg.

Information on participating / attending:
The Conference fee is 50,- Euro (invited speakers excluded). Payment instructions will be provided after registration.


06/17/2019 09:00 - 06/19/2019 13:00

Registration deadline:


Event venue:

Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg
Martin-Luther-Straße 14
17489 Greifswald

Target group:

Scientists and scholars, Students



Subject areas:

Geosciences, Physics / astronomy

Types of events:

Conference / symposium / (annual) conference




Tim Lüdtke


Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald

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