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10/03/2019 - 10/04/2019 | Berlin

Symposium: Interdisciplinarity Revisited

Different concepts of interdisciplinarity and the potential of interdisciplinary research for higher education will be discussed by international experts on October 3-4, 2019, in Berlin.

Interdisciplinarity seems to have become a buzzword in research and university life. It is used to characterize research designs, projects, subjects, degrees, and even the researcher, the institute or the university itself. But quite often the term remains unquestioned. Despite a wide range of research on this topic during the last 15 years there are still many blind spots and open questions in the realm of interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation.

Taking a closer look at different concepts and definitions of interdisciplinarity and their application in every day university practice is the aim of a symposium jointly organized by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the foundation Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss and the Volkswagen Foundation. Under the heading "Interdisciplinarity Revisited" experts from all over Europe and abroad will discuss the impact of the concept of interdisciplinarity on university education and research.

Which definitions lie behind the term and do they still match the rapid evolution the university system has undergone during the last decade? Beyond these rather conceptual reflections contributions shall explore which potential interdisciplinary research can actually release. Which forms of cooperation have proven to be particularly productive in recent years? Where and how have research projects shifted subject boundaries, created new fields of research or even new subjects? How much interdisciplinarity is required? Where are the boundaries and which are the risks? How can grantmakers respond to the demands and challenges of research and institutional practice? In addition, the future implementation of interdisciplinarity in university education and teaching and the ongoing digitization of science and humanities will be addressed.

This symposium is the first academic meeting which will be held in the newly built Humboldt Forum in the very heart of Berlin.


Session 1: Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity under the Magnifying Glass - a Critical Inventory
Session 2: Mapping Interdisciplinarity and Research - Frameworks and Structures
Session 3: Interdisciplinarity in Academic Learning - Who Benefits?
Session 4: Interactive Exchange and Contemporary Reflections on the Question "Who owns Culture"?
Session 5: Global Issues as Challenges for Interdisciplinary Research
Session 6: Bridging the Gap between Distant Knowledge Domains - Epistomologic Challenges and Research Practices
Session 7: Interdisciplinarity and Universities - Future Perspectives

The detailed program for the Symposium can be found here:


If you would like to attend the conference, please register here:

There are no fees for attendance but registration is essential. Please note that this symposium will take place in Berlin!


The conference language is English.


Please note that you are responsible for booking your accommodation. On our website you find information on hotels with room contingents reserved for the participants of the symposium.


This symposium is the first academic meeting, which will be held in the newly built Humboldt Forum, Schlossplatz 7, 10178 Berlin. Please find directions to the Humboldt Forum on our website.

Information on participating / attending:
There are no fees for attendance but registration is essential.


10/03/2019 09:00 - 10/04/2019 16:00

Event venue:

Humboldt Forum
Schlossplatz 7
10178 Berlin
10178 Berlin

Target group:

Scientists and scholars, Students



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Types of events:

Conference / symposium / (annual) conference




Jens Rehländer


Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

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