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09/16/2019 - 09/16/2019 | Stuttgart

The Future of Public Space

Morgenstadt Conference

Over the course of history public space has had different meanings, interpretations and uses. Personal identification with territory has influenced urban planning, but urban planning has also played a role in people's behavior and therefore influences our identity, lifestyle and our well-being. The next Morgenstadt Conference will address the way public space has been transformed over the course of time and how it will most likely change in the future due to new technologies, digitalization, artificial intelligence, IoT, Smart parking, and more: Urban design and mobility, Smart supply systems, data and digitalization and Smart governance for public spaces.
Seeking to increase connectivity, smart cities use information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance municipal services’ efficiency and make day-to-day life easier for their inhabitants. All too often, though, cities put technological solutions and innovative ideas into practice without consulting the people who live there. This is why we must direct our attention back to the places where we can improve not only digital connections, but also the connections between people – the public space.
A city’s identity is defined by the public space where citizens gather to talk, move and play. Public spaces are increasingly subjected to myriad changes. These forces are having a powerful impact on cities’ development and citizens’ well-being. In many cases, these changes correlate with new technologies and the diversification of purposes a public space must serve. New means of transportation, sensors and communication networks, evolving materials and architectures, emerging demands placed on cities by climate change and its adverse impact – all this compels us to rethink the way public spaces are designed and used.
The upcoming Morgenstadt Conference aims to answer the questions of how city dwellers’ behavior can shape these connected processes and how these processes affect urban design.
It also goes to show ways of redesigning public spaces to prepare tomorrow’s city for the many challenges ahead.
Our mission at Morgenstadt is to future-proof cities. We see urban communities as complex adaptive systems, and are working with municipal governments, businesses and researchers to define local ways of innovation and urban development. Tying together technological innovation, urban development, and the social and ecological prerequisites for sustainable and integrative urban communities, Morgenstadt is helping to create cities that are ready for the future.
Main topics of the event:
• Future Urban Design
• Future Urban Supply Systems
• Data and Digitalization in Public Spaces
• Smart Governancee
• Communication in Public Space
• Mobility in the Future
The event is aimed at:
Ærø (Denmark) AarhusAbla-Iulia (Rumania), Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Arendal (Norway)Athens, Baerum (Norway), Barcelona, Basle, Belfast, Berlin, Bern, Bolzano, Bonn, Braga, Bristol, Brussels, Budapest, Cascais, Cologne, Copenhagen, Den Hague, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Egedal, (Denmark)Eindhoven, Fafe (Portugal), Florence, Frankfurt, Frederikshave, (Denmark) Gdansk, Geneva, Ghent, Gladsaxe, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Grenoble, Groningen, Hamburg, HelsinkiIstanbul, Lausanne, Leipzig, Leuven, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Lyon, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Moita, Moscow, Munich, Murcia, Nice, Nyon, Oristano, Oslo, Oxford, Paris, Porto, Prague, Rome, Rotterdam-Hague, Stavanger, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tallin, Tampere, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Toulouse, Turin, Umea, Venice, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Zurich. Innovative companies in Europe: Urban design, Mobility, Digitalization, Transport, Waste managment, Supply systems, Energy.

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Eliana Uribe
Urban Governance Innovation
IAT der Universität Stuttgart
Nobelstraße 12
70569 Stuttgart
Telefon +49 711 970-2204

Information on participating / attending:
The participation fee for the event is 450 € per company. Participation in the conference is free of charge for Morgenstadt partners, speakers and cities.


09/16/2019 - 09/16/2019

Event venue:

Fraunhofer-Institutszentrum Stuttgart – Gebäude G
Nobelstraße 12
70569 Stuttgart

Target group:

Business and commerce, Scientists and scholars



Subject areas:

Information technology, Media and communication sciences

Types of events:

Conference / symposium / (annual) conference




Juliane Segedi


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