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04/22/2020 - 04/23/2020 | Mannheim

Scientific Talks

Excellent Science Requires Excellent Presentation Skills

In this course you will learn about the key elements of oral presentations, gaining helpful tools for structuring your talk, communicating the key messages to your respective audience, and creating professional slides. You will learn how to cope with stage fright and time constraints, as well as develop ideas and strategies to successfully manage a Q&A session.

Giving a great talk is one of the easiest ways to stand out and thereby enhance your research reputation at an academic conference; the effective communication of scientific knowledge is an essential component of any science career. The ability to present one’s research in English, however, is becoming ever more important for scientists in all fields. This practical two-day course will provide you with key elements for a successful presentation in an international setting and help you build confidence in your presentation style.

Target Audience:
This training course is aimed at postgraduates, researchers, and teaching scientists who are non-native speakers but fluent in English and would like to have more practice and guidance for their presentations in English.

Seminar Content:
» Planning and preparing a scientific talk
» Using helpful idioms to deliver a successful scientific talk
» Tips and tools for talks in international settings
» Dealing with difficult questions and members of the audience
» Insight into communication psychology
» Practical exercises and talks by participants

Barbara Hey

Seminar Fee:
€ 1444,50 (inkl. 7% USt.)

ZEW Mannheim

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04/22/2020 10:00 - 04/23/2020 16:00

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ZEW Mannheim
L 7, 1
68161 Mannheim

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Scientists and scholars

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