„NFDI4Cat": Digitalisation in Catalysis

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06/16/2020 - 06/16/2020 | Webinar

„NFDI4Cat": Digitalisation in Catalysis

The National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is an initiative to systematically develop, sustainably secure and make data in science and research accessible and to establish a culture of open data sharing along the FAIR principles. A core element of NFDI is that it is driven by consortia which represent their respective field in the scientific domains.

NFDI4Cat is an initiative driven by GeCatS for the representation of catalysis-relevant sciences. The overall strategy of NFDI4Cat aims at the transformation of catalysis research across all relevant disciplines in catalysis and chemical engineering through a structured and stepwise approach as outlined in the whitepaper “The Digitalization of Catalysis-Related Sciences”, published by GeCatS in March 2019. A core target of NFDI4Cat is the transformation of catalysis-related sciences into “digital catalysis”. It is anticipated that unified data formats manifested in community-agreed ontologies and meta-data-formats in combination with a tailored and user-friendly information architecture will become indispensable tools of a digital catalysis community on a national and international level. The core topics that will be addressed by the consortium are covered by the following work streams, which follow the value chain “from molecule to chemical processes”:

Data and Metadata Standards
Data Science and Information Infrastructure Design
Community and User related Aspects

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06/16/2020 13:15 - 06/16/2020 14:45

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Scientists and scholars



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Biology, Chemistry, Materials sciences

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Conference / symposium / (annual) conference




Dr. Christine Dillmann



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URL of this event: http://idw-online.de/en/event66281


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