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01/25/2021 - 01/25/2021 | Essen

Online Lecture by Prof. Andrew Piper: Fiction's Functions: Three Data-Driven Hypotheses

The past few months have left no doubt that literary and cultural studies have long since gone digital. However, the use of digital tools does not mean that it has actually already become digital. Wide areas of these subjects continue to work with reading and analysis procedures in which they use computers as tools, but only to a limited extent make their possibilities and modes of operation the starting point of their methodology and thinking.

Nevertheless, digital humanities scholarship and work with digital methods continues to advance, even if there is only limited exchange between the fields with their various uses of the computer.

This talk will offer a glimpse into the work of one of the most renowned and active practitioners of cultural analytics. Andrew Piper has published many highly regarded contributions to the question of the materiality of literature, the evolution of literary genres, and digital methods in literary studies since his study of imaginaries of the literary in the medium of the book (Dreaming in Books, 2009). The tension between exemplary analyses and work with large corpora of digitized sources is always at the center. How can these two ways of working be brought into better contact with each other, what chances do they have to learn from each other? At this lecture evening, Andrew Piper will present an excerpt from his current projects and put it up for discussion.

Andrew Piper, McGill University

An event by the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) in Essen & the Institute for German Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB).

Helena Rose & Miriam Wienhold
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Participation online via ZOOM. Please register via until January 21st, 2021.


01/25/2021 16:00 - 01/25/2021 18:00

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ZOOM, Virtual Lecture
45128 Essen

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Scientists and scholars, all interested persons

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Cultural sciences, Language / literature

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Helena Rose



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