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03/26/2021 - 03/26/2021 | Virtuel Event

GBM Awards Event

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM e.V.) has already had to postpone its spring meeting twice. We have decided to hold the award ceremonies, which would normally have taken place during our Mosbacher Kolloquium 2020 and 2021, on March 26, 2021.

We cordially invite you to this virtual event! Please register with your name and email address until March 24th at the latest at the following website:

We will send you the corresponding participation link shortly before the event.

We are looking forward to exciting presentations on highly topical subjects!

The event will start at 1 p.m. (CET).

13:00-14:00: Otto Warburg Medal 2020

Awardee: Prof. Dr. Patrick Cramer, MPI Göttingen
Title: RNA polymerases and the COVID-19 pandemic
Laudation: Prof. Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger, Leipzig

14:00-15:00: Eduard Buchner Award 2021

Awardee: Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Charité, Berlin
Title: SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance: the challenge to understand viral phenotype
Laudation: Prof. Dr. Blanche Schwappach-Pignataro, Hamburg

10 min break

15:10-15:35: Bayer Pharmaceuticals PhD Award 2020

Awardee: Dr. Alexander Hauser, Kopenhagen
Title: Computational receptor biology - Data science approaches to new physiological hormone discovery and towards an understanding of individual drug response variation
Laudation: Prof. Dr. Johannes Herrmann, Kaiserslautern

15:35-16:00: Bayer Pharmaceuticals PhD Award 2021

Awardee: Dr. Michael Ameismeier, München
Title: Small ribosomal subunit complexes visualized by cryo-EM
Laudation: Prof. Dr. Johannes Herrmann

Information on participating / attending:
Participation free of charge;
Registration required until March 24th, 2021.


03/26/2021 13:00 - 03/26/2021 16:00

Registration deadline:


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GBM e.V.
Virtuel Event

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Scientists and scholars, Students

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Biology, Chemistry, Medicine

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Presentation / colloquium / lecture




Dr. Anke Lischeid



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