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06/11/2021 - 06/11/2021 | Stuttgart

MGI Event Integrated Planning for Resilient Cities – Tools and Approaches

How can inner cities be designed to cope with current crises, trends and challenges? What role do data-driven approaches play in urban data management? How can climate resilience and climate neutrality be integrated into urban planning? What challenges are other cities currently facing and what best practices are there?

With the digital event series “Morgenstadt - City of the Future”, our experts offer the members of the Morgenstadt initiative and all interested parties a platform for exchange and networking about the latest findings, ongoing projects and funding programs.

Together with the internationally active “Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative”, which is currently conducting so-called City Labs with partner cities in Peru, Mexico and India, the experts of the Morgenstadt Network would like to discuss the topic of integrated planning for climate-resilient cities with the participants. What role do data-driven approaches or co-creative and participatory processes play? What tools are already available and how can stakeholders be activated?

Experts from the field of resilient cities and representatives of the partner cities Piura, Saltillo and Cochin would like to share their best practices with the participants in order to learn from each other's good approaches.

Deutsche Beschreibung

Gemeinsam mit der international aktiven »Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative«, die derzeit mit Partnerstädten in Peru, Mexiko und Indien so genannte City Labs durchführt, möchten die Expert*innen des Morgenstadt Netzwerks mit den Teilnehmenden das Thema integriertes Planen für klimaresiliente Städte diskutieren. Welche Rolle spielen datengestützte Ansätze oder co-kreative und partizipative Prozesse? Welche Tools gibt es bereits und wie können Akteure aktiviert werden?

Expert*innen aus dem Bereich resiliente Städte und Vertreter*innen der Partnerstädte Piura, Saltillo und Cochin möchten ihre Best Practices mit den Teilnehmenden teilen, um gegenseitig von guten Ansätzen zu lernen.

Part of the digital event series "Morgenstadt - City of the Future".
The Fraunhofer "Morgenstadt Initiative" is a network of Fraunhofer institutes, municipalities and companies to think ahead, develop and test innovations for the city of tomorrow. In the digital event series, members and interested parties gain insights into current developments, ongoing projects and the latest findings. Representatives from cities and industry thus have the opportunity to get to know the Morgenstadt network better. The dates of the event series can be attended independently of each other.

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Representatives of national and international cities and NGOs focusing on climate protection and policies.

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The event will be held in English
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06/11/2021 15:00 - 06/11/2021 17:00

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Business and commerce


transregional, national

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Economics / business administration, Information technology

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Presentation / colloquium / lecture, Seminar / workshop / discussion




Juliane Segedi


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