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10/05/2021 - 10/05/2021 | Berlin

Session on "Data Center Interconnects" at Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg

Take part in this year’s virtual conference session organized by MASSTART Consortium and OptecBB on the Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2021. During our session "Data Center Interconnects" we want to discuss the latest tech developments in the MASSTART Project, manufacturing and testing challenges and market opportunities with the international community.

After the successful virtual session at Photonics Days 2020 the MASSTART Consortium is pleased to be able to hold the session about "Data Center Interconnects" at the conference in hybrid format this year.

The Horizon 2020 Project MASSTART aims to provide a holistic transformation to the assembly and characterization of high speed photonic transceivers towards bringing the cost down to €1/Gb/s or even lower in mass production. This will guarantee European leadership in the Photonics industry for the next decade.

The Session is organized in cooperation with MASSTART Consortium and OpTecBB. The different speakers of the MASSTART Consortium will give you an insight in the latest research results.

Agenda & Speakers:
15:00 – 15:05
Welcome and Introduction
Paraskevas Bakopoulos (Mellanox / NVIDIA Networking, Israel)

15:05 – 15:20
Develop your custom Photonic Integrated Circuits for Data Centers
Katarzyna Ławniczuk (Bright Photonics BV, Netherlands)

15:20 – 15:35
Advanced silicon photonics platform for high data rate transceivers
Quentin Wilmart (CEA-Leti, Franc)

15:35 – 15:50
III-V optical sources for high bit rate fiber transmission
Sofiane Belahsene (Almae Technologies, France)

15:50 – 16:05
Latest developments in glass-based photonic circuits and assemblies
Adrien Billat (Teem Photonics SA, France)

16:05 – 16:20
3D integration for next generation transceiver PICs
Bogdan Sirbu (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany)

16:20 – 16:35
PICs for data center interconnects
Benjamin Wohlfeil (ADVA Optical Networking SE, Germany)

16:35 – 16:50
Terabit transceivers for the datacentre and high volume manufacturability
Elad Mentovich (Mellanox / NVIDIA Networking, Israel)

16:50 – 17:05
Integration of assembly process of high-speed photonic transceivers into a standard manufacturing system as basis for mass manufacturing
Moritz Seyfried (ficonTEC Service GmbH, Germany)

17:05 – 17:20
Testing automations of high speed silicon photonic transceivers for data center interconnect applications
Stelios Pitris (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

17:20 – 17:35
Accelerating Transceiver Characterization and Verification
Ali Emsia (Tektronix GmbH, Germany)

17:35 – 18:00
Wrap-up & Discussions
Paraskevas Bakopoulos (Mellanox / NVIDIA Networking, Israel)

How to register now?
Register @ Photonics Days Conference Website and login for our Session on October 5, 2021 from 3-6 pm:

Photonics are at the heart of many other innovations: Without photonics there are no computers, no internet, no cloud as we know it. Without photonics industry 4.0 will stay at 3.0. Without photonics there will be no self-driving vehicles. Berlin Brandenburg is one of the innovation hotspots in very diverse fields of Photonics, optics, microsystems technologies and quantum technologies. Berlin Brandenburg is also a start-up hotspot in digital and also photonics based technologies. The Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2021 – international innovation conference wants to bring the regional and international photonics community together. Its goal is to connect participants from different sectors and regions, so that they cooperate to innovate and create value for new photonics-based value chains together.

In addition to the conference, there will be an accompanying exhibition on October 6th and 7th. Members of OpTecBB, OptecNetGermany and partner networks have special conditions. The number of stands has been reduced due to the Corona requirements.

More information about the Photonics Days 2021 and the Session of MASSTART Consortium:

Information on participating / attending:
There are different types of tickets which you can choose while registration. If you have further questions please contact the event organization of OptecBB.


10/05/2021 15:00 - 10/05/2021 18:00

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Online / MS Teams
13355 Berlin

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Business and commerce, Scientists and scholars


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Electrical engineering, Information technology

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