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06/03/2022 - 12/01/2022 | Berlin

Online Sessions: »IZM Photonics: In Optical Interconnects We Trust«

It is time to restart our series of expert sessions with our photonic experts. Going forward, we want to expand the topics of our online events to include Fraunhofer IZM's entire range of photonics products and services. We will be presenting speakers and projects from all our working groups and departments working on photonic packaging.

Registration for the first three speakers are open now for free!

What awaits you in our Online-Sessions:

In our expert sessions, we want to show what is possible with glass in the field of photonic packaging and how you can seize this potential for your industry or for joint projects with us. The pandemic has motivated us to find a virtual space to host our conversation on this subject and lay the foundations for a new public network with you.

Dates and Topics

First speaker: Dr. Alethea Vanessa Zamora Gómez
on June 03, 2022, 4:30-5:15 P.M. (CET)

"On-chip Glass Microbottles for Biosensing"

3D optical microresonators made out of glass fibres are very attractive for biosensing applications. Their small size and high quality enable the detection of multiple target biomolecules with high sensitivity despite their compact footprint. However, significant challenges remain associated with efficient ways to couple the light to the resonator and their robust integration into a practical cartridge. In the webinar of June 2022, we present a high-precision on-chip assembly process for a type of special resonator – called microbottles – developed by the transnational “PoC-BoSens” project. The proposed assembly process can also be adapted for other relevant configurations, such as spheres, cylinders (solid rods), or capillaries, providing a modular and cost-effective integration strategy.

#2 Session:
October 13, 2022, 4:30-5:15 P.M. (CET):
"From Idea to Optical Micro-assemblies: How We Assist Design and Prototyping"
by Dr. rer. nat. Gunnar Böttger
#3 Session:
December 01, 2022, 4:30-5:15 P.M. (CET): "Precise Passive Alignment as a Viable Option for Photonic Applications"
by Charles-Alix Manier

After you've registered for the first session, we´ll send you all the information about the video conference login via MS Teams.

Information on participating / attending:
Invitations are extended primarily to our customers and partners, but also to interested parties from industry, politics, science, and the wider society.


06/03/2022 16:30 - 12/01/2022 17:15

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MS Teams I Online
13355 Berlin

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Business and commerce, Scientists and scholars


transregional, national

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Electrical engineering

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