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03/21/2023 - 03/21/2023 | Berlin

Session series »Low-Power Systems«

#2: »Low-Power Radio Communication«

Stay Connected for Longer! Low-Power Radio Communication Enables Efficent and Reliable Connectivity. Stay tuned for more information. In our 45-minutes expert sessions we would like to present to you the trending topics in a technical presentation. Afterwards, our experts will be available for your questions and comments and a joint discussion. New topics and dates for this workshop series will be published regularly on this webpage.

Speaker: Samer Al-Magazachi

Reducing power losses and increasing the efficiency of systems is one of the most effective, but also one of the most challenging levers in the field of sustainable, climate-friendly electronics. In an increasingly connected world with billions of sensors, the energy supply of these components is a relevant factor in our living environment and for industrial applications. In addition to improving the ecological footprint the minimization of the energy demand, by using power efficient radio protocols, is the key to extend the run-time of wireless sensor nodes. This goes hand in hand with a significant minimization of maintenance cycles in wireless sensor networks, thus reducing also the costs. In battery powered devices or in applications with energy harvesting, lower energy demands also help to minimize the system by using smaller batteries or by using other energy harvesting concepts than solar-based approaches. This opens up many new application possibilities. Furthermore, small currents and voltages help to improve electromagnetic interference.

Building on the previous online-session, where an overview on low-power system design was given, in this session we will focus on low-power radio communication, as it significantly contributes to the energy demand in wireless sensor networks. This session will present a holistic approach to optimizing radio communications from a system point of view. Starting from the component selection and design considerations to energy management on the firmware and adaptive algorithms, the session covers the many different aspects of optimization with regard to low-power radio communication.

Fraunhofer IZM stands for application-oriented, industry-focused research.
With its technology clusters in the field of wafer and substrate process technology as well as its high competence in simulation and metrology, Fraunhofer IZM covers the entire range required for the realization of reliable electronics and their integration into applications.

With our expert session series we want to introduce you to the world of low-power systems. Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important in all aspects - low-power is one of the most important challenges in electrical engineering as well. Especially when a device has to be mounted in places that are difficult to access or has to operate without power for a longer period of time, it requires low-power consumption. In view of the complexity of the systems, the area is very challenging, as the trend is moving towards higher chip densities and higher frequencies. Therefore, it is important to face this issue and to develop appropriate solutions. Fraunhofer IZM has been working on the advancement of those systems and with the adoption of this technology in more and more applications. We'd like to give you an insight into the technology behind some application benefitting from these properties.

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Participation is free of charge, registration is required. This workshop series aims to address our customers, partners and interested parties from industry, politics and science.


03/21/2023 16:00 - 03/21/2023 16:45

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MS Teams I Online
13355 Berlin

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Business and commerce, Scientists and scholars


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Electrical engineering, Energy, Information technology, Media and communication sciences, Social studies

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Seminar / workshop / discussion




Susann Thoma


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