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05/16/2023 - 05/16/2023 | Darmstadt

ATHENE Lecture with Amir Moradi | hybrid

Prof. Amir Moradi from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is our guest at the ATHENE Lecture Series. He talks about: "Simply Secure: Tools for Automated Generation and Evaluation of Protected Hardware"

At the ATHENE Lectures, we invite established national and inter­national cybersecurity experts to give us insights into their latest research findings.
The lectures are mostly held hybrid (on-site at Fraunhofer SIT in Darmstadt), so that there is also the possibility to meet and exchange with the key players in cybersecurity in person after the lecture with tasty snacks and drinks.
The language of the lecture is English.
ATHENE Lecture Series are organized by Prof. Haya Shulman, ATHENE | Goethe University Frankfurt | Fraunhofer SIT.

On May 16, Amir Moradi from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum will be our guest.

Title: Simply Secure: Tools for Automated Generation and Evaluation of Protected Hardware

Implementing cryptographic functions securely in the presence of physical adversaries is still a challenge although a lion's share of research in the physical security domain has been put in development of countermeasures. Among several protection schemes, masking has absorbed the most attention of researchers in both academic and industrial communities. This is due to its theoretical foundation allowing to provide proofs, and model the achieved security level. In return, masking schemes are difficult to realize as the implementation process often is manual, complex, and error-prone, and requires a high level of expertise. This motivated the need for tools that allow the designers and engineers to evaluate as well as generate masked (protected) implementations through an automated fashion.

In this talk, in addition to the basics of hardware masking, a set of tools are presented, which supports developers in the process of designing secure hardware circuits. The toolbox enables (1) fully automated protection of insecure circuits against side-channel analysis attacks and (2) efficient verification of their SCA resistance. As a result, circuits dealing with sensitive data can be reliably protected against such implementation attacks even by inexperienced engineers and developers.

Information on participating / attending:
The lectures are open to the public. Interested visitors are welcome to attend.
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05/16/2023 14:00 - 05/16/2023 15:00

Event venue:

hybrid: on-site at Fraunhofer SIT, Rheinstr. 75, Darmstadt / online via Zoom
64295 Darmstadt

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Scientists and scholars, Students

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Information technology

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Presentation / colloquium / lecture




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