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05/15/2023 - 05/15/2023 | Kiel/hybrid

Public Lecture by JMA Chairs: "Why does she act this way?"

An Oblique Look at Interdisciplinary Cooperation, Opportunities and Limitations in Archaeological Observation, Documentation and Analysis Work by Axel Christophersen, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

The title is taken from a book of Astrid Lindgren, where a subterranean being wonders why two human legs are sticking out of the ceiling of her earth cave. In interdisciplinary projects, one can be confronted with such questions: What is this? Why is it done that way, etc.? Urban archeology in the Nordic countries has always been much about experimenting and working with natural sciences methods, old and new once. In the wake of such collaborative relationships, notorious challenges have arisen about how different scientific practice traditions are explained (or not) and assumed (or not) by the collaborative partners. Often this theme is reduced to a question of weak communication and a lack of insight into cross-disciplinary routinized practice patterns. But there are more than misunderstanding and superficial communication generating this challenge. It is worth thinking of the fact that in the last instance interdisciplinary cooperation is not about what one intends to do, but what one do. So, what do we do?

This lecture is also part of the 'Archaeological Colloquium' of the Institute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology of Kiel University and of the Biweekly Colloquia organized by the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS and the CRC1266.

Information on participating / attending:
The lecture will take place on site in Kiel and online. For online access data go to


05/15/2023 18:30 - 05/15/2023 20:30

Event venue:

Johanna-Mestorf-Str. 2–6
(Eingang 4, Erdgeschoss, R. 28)
24118 Kiel/hybrid

Target group:

Scientists and scholars, all interested persons


transregional, national

Subject areas:

History / archaeology

Types of events:

Presentation / colloquium / lecture




Jan Steffen


Media and Public Outreach

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