Executive Director of FIZ CHEMIE to be General Secretary of IUPAC

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08/10/2011 13:48

Executive Director of FIZ CHEMIE to be General Secretary of IUPAC

Vanessa Vogt-Herrmann Marketing & PR
Fachinformationszentrum Chemie GmbH

    On 4th August in Puerto Rico, the General Meeting of the IUPAC elected the CEO of FIZ CHEMIE, Prof. René Deplanque, as its new General Secretary / He will take up office on 1 January 2012 / Deplanque wants to use this honorary position to further stimulate international professional communication and IT in chemistry beyond chemical standardization, which has been looked after by the IUPAC and its divisions for decades

    Founded in 1919, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) consisting of 1623 industrial and research chemical facilities from 75 member countries. For the first time ever, a German will be at its head as General Secretary from 1 January 2012: Professor René Deplanque, CEO of FIZ CHEMIE, Berlin, was elected successor to Prof. David StC. Black, University of New South Wales, Australia, by delegates at the 46th General Meeting of the IUPAC in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 4th August. The IUPAC is a worldwide union of chemists from the fields of industry and science, which as a service company for chemistry sets standards in chemical nomenclature, terminology and measuring techniques.

    Deplanque wants to use this honorary position to further stimulate international professional communication and IT in chemistry based on the IUPAC network and its globally-respected standardization activities. As General Secretary, he will be the administrating member of the committee of five, which includes a President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. The term of office is four years. A single re-election is possible. http://www.iupac.org/

    FIZ CHEMIE has for many years played an active part in its IUPAC association work. Two years ago, the Leibniz Institute additionally took on the hosting of the global IUPAC servers. Since that time, they have been successively modernized whilst in continuous operation.

    With the election of Professor Deplanque as General Secretary and the current plan of making FIZ CHEMIE a centre for its future communications and increasing publicity work, the IUPAC is recognising the important international role of the Fachinformationszentrum Berlin GmbH as a valuable keystone for chemistry and its adjacent subject areas.

    About him:
    René Deplanque joined FIZ CHEMIE in 1994 as its managing director for science. FIZ CHEMIE, a non-profit-making facility, provides science, education and industry with high-quality information services in the field of general chemistry, chemical technology and adjacent areas. He has been the sole managing director since 2005. In his work at FIZ CHEMIE he has specialized in the use of databases and Internet portals, as well as the design of information and communication systems for training and continuing education. In 2001, he was awarded an honorary professorship in Physical Chemistry at the Technische Universität Berlin (Berlin Technical University). René Deplanque gained a degree in Chemical Technical Engineering in Hamburg. He acquired an MSc in Electrochemistry and a PhD in London at Sir John Cass College at London Guildhall University. Afterwards he was a lecturer at Cambridge University in the areas of computer modelling, expert systems and multivariate statistical models in electrochemistry and physical chemistry.

    Deplanque returned to Germany in 1983, to work for Brown, Boveri & Cie, where he headed the corrosion group for the German division and was the chief officer for organisation and data processing in the German corporate division for materials technology. In 1988 he assumed the overall project management responsibility for the electronic processing of "Gmelin", the most comprehensive German standard reference for inorganic chemistry, and became a member of the management of the Gmelin Institute of the Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG) in Frankfurt.

    For further information, please contact:
    Postfach 12 03 37
    10593 Berlin, Germany
    E-mail: info@fiz-chemie.de

    Prof. Dr. René Deplanque
    Phone: +49 (0)30 / 399 77- 201
    E-mail: deplanque@fiz-chemie.de

    Richard Huber
    Phone: +49 (0)30 / 39977-217
    E-mail: info@fiz-chemie.de

    About FIZ CHEMIE
    FIZ CHEMIE is a non-profit organization supported by the German federal and state governments with the primary task of providing those in science, education and industry with high-quality information services for general chemistry, chemical technology and related fields. FIZ CHEMIE maintains relationships with research and information institutes in Germany and abroad and has marketing agreements with partner organizations around the world. The technical information center is committed to the advancement and integration of technical information for chemistry at national and international levels. FIZ CHEMIE is an institute for the scientific infrastructure in the Leibniz Scientific Community (Leibnizgemeinschaft WGL).

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