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04/12/2018 15:04

Aachen DC Grid Summit 2018

Sascha Falkner Marketing and Communications
Forschungscampus Flexible Elektrische Netze

    Only one week left until FEN Research Campus will host its first ever conference and bring together experts from the international DC community in Aachen.

    On the first conference day, we welcome Dr. Peter Friedrichs, Senior Director Wide band gap at Infineon Technologies, and Dr. Peter Steimer, Corporate Research Fellow at ABB Switzerland Ltd., as keynote speakers. The keynotes on the second conference day will be held by Prof. Rik W. De Doncker, Director of FEN Research Campus, as well as by Aldo Danelli, Project Manager of the CESI Group.

    Both event days will feature exciting, practice-oriented presentations by national and international DC experts in two parallel sessions. Day one focuses on the two sessions ”Grids – Planning, Opera-tion, Protection”, led by Prof. Albert Moser (IAEW at RWTH Aachen University), and ”Grid Man-agement and Automation”, led by Prof. Antonello Monti (ACS at RWTH Aachen University). Re-nowned representatives from industry and academia will attend the summit as speakers, including presentations by Westnetz, Siemens, Amprion, ENTSO-E, RWTH Aachen University as well as the University of South Carolina, among others. On day two, participants will be offered the two ses-sions ”Components – Converters, Switches & Cables”, led by Prof. Rik W. De Doncker (PGS and ISEA at RWTH Aachen University), and ”Business Models, Innovations & Social Aspects”, led by Prof. Eva-Maria Jakobs (HCIC at RWTH Aachen University) and Prof. Reinhard Madlener (FCN at RWTH Aachen University). Presentations on both industry and research topics will be held by ex-perts from Mitsubishi Electric, Hager, AixControl, University of Düsseldorf and the Technical Uni-versity of Darmstadt.

    The conference gives participants from industry and research the opportunity to enter into direct dialogue, to network among each other and to exchange interdisciplinary knowledge on anything related to DC technology. Besides the presentation sessions, there will also be a poster exhibition presenting the latest research and project findings from industry and academia.

    Online registration for ADCGS 2018 is still possible until April 19, 2018, via the conference website or on site during the first conference day.

    FEN Research Campus is looking forward to two exciting conference days.

    For more information on ADCGS 2018, the program and the registration, please visit:

    more information:

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