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03/28/2019 13:00

Girls’Day 2019 at BAM: material researcher for a day

M.A., LL.M./LL.B. Venio Quinque Unternehmenskommunikation
Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

    Berlin 28/03/2019. Why are glass panes transparent? How can light and colour help reveal evidence at a crime scene or detect diseases? And is there such thing as “liquid” light? For Girls’Day on 28 March 2019, the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) opened its laboratories for girls aged 10 and above to inspire them to explore STEM professions and show them how exciting research is. Similar to previous years, available spaces were quickly taken.

    The girls could try out, experiment and ask questions about the various BAM research and work areas in Adlershof. For example, at the Organic Trace and Food Analysis division, they could examine food samples for ingredients and toxins. The samples were also ground up, extracted, measured and evaluated. At the Biophotonics division, the girls investigated how to use colours to determine the quality of drinking water. BAM's mechanical workshop displayed how a CAD drawing can be transformed into a finished product, and the versatile projects a technical draughtswoman can be involved in.

    In addition to the experiments and demonstrations, the girls could ask the BAM engineers, laboratory technicians and scientists questions about training or MINT studies. At BAM, for example, students can do an internship or vocational training to become a chemical laboratory assistant. In addition, there are various offers for university students. Around 160 doctoral students are currently conducting research at BAM and over 60 trainees are currently learning a profession.

    You can find more information about Girls’Day at BAM at

    You can find more information on carrier possibilities at BAM at

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