Change of Perspective: Gendered Approaches to Spatial Development in Europe

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06/25/2019 15:32

Change of Perspective: Gendered Approaches to Spatial Development in Europe

Dr. Tanja Ernst Stabsstelle Wissenschaftskommunikation
Akademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung (ARL) - Leibniz-Forum für Raumwissenschaften

    The forthcoming event launches the recently published volume “Gendered Approaches to Spatial Development in Europe“ by Barbara Zibell, Doris Damyanovic and Ulrike Sturm. The book launch in Zurich will discuss the main results of the International Working Group of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL). We invite you to meet the editors and some of the authors, to change the perspective and to discuss together the significance of gender aspects in spatial planning.

    EXPORT MEETING Gendered Approaches to Spatial Development in Europe on 23rd of August, 2019, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. in the Center of Architecture in Zurich (ZAZ), Höschgasse 3, CH–8008 Zürich in cooperation with SIA International, the network women+sia and Lares Association.

    The discourse on sustainability is based on two normative elements: the concept of justice (intra- as well as intergenerational) and the concept of integration. It presupposes as non-controversial that justice between women and men, especially the equality of paid and unpaid labor, is a prerequisite for sustainable development. This includes symmetrical relations in terms of the variety of options for the realization of life plans. Since 1997 this element of sustainability discourse is backed by the Treaty of Amsterdam which requests that the “… community shall aim to eliminate inequalities, and to promote equality, between men and women” (Article 3). The strategy gender mainstreaming which is based on this article has meanwhile been introduced in all member states. However, in the professional world of spatial development and research the contents of the Treaty of Amsterdam have not yet become a natural and integrative part of planning practices and scientific reflections.
    These key ideas and observations led in the ARL to the formation of an International Working Group, which focused on this guiding question: „What effect does the acknowledgement of gender relevance have on the organization and the structure of spatial planning and spatial use taking into account different European cultures?”

    The authors presentations and the “fireside chat” about future prospects will be followed by an apéro and the possibility to pursue the common debate with the audience in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Prof. Dr. Barbara Zibell

    Original publication:

    Zibell, Barbara; Damyanovic, Doris; Sturm, Ulrike (eds.) (2019): Gendered Approaches to Spatial Development in Europe. Perspectives, Similarities, Differences, 1st Edition, Routledge.
    ISBN: 9781138587663

    More information:

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    Criteria of this press release:
    Scientists and scholars, Students
    Construction / architecture, Economics / business administration, Politics, Social studies
    transregional, national
    Cooperation agreements, Scientific Publications

    in Cooperation with SIA International, women+sia and Lares Association

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