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07/02/2019 16:17

IHP and University Zielona Góra inaugurate a Joint Lab

Anne-Kristin Jentzsch Presse
IHP - Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik

    Joint laboratory bundles competencies for future-oriented research and teaching

    Today, the Scientific Director of IHP – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics Prof. Bernd Tillack and the Rector of the University Zielona Góra (UZG) Prof. Tadeusz Kuczyński signed the contract to start a joint laboratory. The Joint Lab is under the headline Distributed Measurement Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks. The research focuses on distributed measurement systems and wireless sensor networks, which are a key element in solving the big challenges of our future. Examples of this are intelligent supply networks for gas and electricity, communication networks, measurement networks and multisensor systems in traffic, as well as distributed measurement systems in safety technology. The cooperation between the UZG and IHP has existed for several years and was contractually fixed in February 2016. The cooperation is characterized by joint lecture and teaching activities as well as subject-specific projects. Now there will be an expansion of joint research.

    The joint lab will be coordinated by the IHP scientist Dr. Krzysztof Piotrowski, researching in the group Sensor Networks and Middleware Platforms at IHP. On the side of the UZG, the Joint Lab is leaded by Prof. Ryszard Rybski, director of the Institute of Metrology, Electronics and Computer Science. "IHP has been working very successfully with the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Automation of UZG for many years in projects and in student education. The contractual form of Joint Lab allows more effective use of the resources of a university and a non-university research institution. This enables fast, innovative solutions to current problems in the respective research areas," says Dr. Piotrowski. The two research institutes are currently collaborating on two projects: SmartGrid Platform, an innovative service concept that implements secure and future-oriented energy management systems. In addition, the recently launched project SmartRiver is on creating a sensor-based platform that will collect data on both sides of the Oder in the twin city of Frankfurt (Oder)/Slubice to make the infrastructure and components of this infrastructure interactive and efficient. "The founding of the Joint Lab is the next step in our cooperation. The bundling of our knowledge and resources creates added value as the two ongoing projects show, " says a delighted Prof. Rybski.

    Joint Labs create a bridge between the research at IHP and the education and research at universities and colleges. "Through close cooperation with regional academic institutions and selected international partners capabilities are combined. Each joint lab works on specific, future-oriented research topics," Prof. Tillack pointed out. The successful concept has been continuously developed since the year 2000. There are currently six regional cooperations with the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, the TH Wildau, the TU Berlin, the HU Berlin and the University of Potsdam. In 2014, the international joint labs with the Poznań University of Technology and the Sabancı University in Istanbul started.

    Facts about Joint Lab University Zielona Góra/IHP:
    The Joint Lab is a joint institution of the University of Zielona Góra and IHP in Frankfurt (Oder). Scientists will research together with students and help them with their final theses.
    Usually each semester a joint course is given
    - with students of the faculty computer science, electrical engineering and automatic (pol. WIEA)
    - within the framework of the lecture/exercise on sensor networks, IHP supervises four appointments
    Joint supervision of engineering and master theses
    - 2018-2019: 10 engineering theses + 3 master theses (5 more planned for 2020)
    Joint research projects
    - SmartGrid Platform Project (INTERREG), duration: 06.2018 - 05.2019,
    funding: 135.139 €
    - SmartRiver project (INTERREG), duration: 07.2019 - 06.2022,
    funding: 1.146.000 €

    Contact for scientific information:

    Dr. Krzysztof Piotrowski

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    Prof. Wojciech Strzyżewski and Prof. Tillack (centre f.l.t.r.) congratulate each other to the inauguration of the Joint Lab in the senate hall of the University of Zielona Góra.

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    Prof. Wojciech Strzyżewski and Prof. Tillack (centre f.l.t.r.) signing the Joint Lab contract.

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