MSE 2020: Conference takes place exclusively over the Internet

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05/20/2020 12:21

MSE 2020: Conference takes place exclusively over the Internet

Jörg Bähren Pressereferat
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.

    Every two years, the German Materials Society (DGM) organizes the "MSE - Materials Science and Engineering" - a congress that is particularly popular in international scientific as well as within industry circles. The next MSE edition is scheduled for September, 22nd – 25th, 2020. However, due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), the international event will be held exclusively on the Internet.

    The knowledge gained over the past weeks and months, in which the DGM has already held several events - some of them regionally related, some of them international in character - in the form of webinars, provide the organizational and infrastructural basis for the "relocation" of the MSE2020 from the premises of the TU Darmstadt to the WWW.

    "We came to this conclusion taking into account all the parameters available to us and, above all, under the aspect of guaranteeing the realisation of the upcoming MSE - regardless of the developments of the pandemic during the next couple months months", states Dr.-Ing. Frank O.R. Fischer, Managing Director of the DGM, and further explains: "As much as we would like to have an event on site and a large meeting of the MatWerk community, at this point in time the same is still associated with many question marks. It is our task to have organizational planning security in order to be able to realize a complex multi-day event like the MSE as a central fixed point of knowledge transfer".

    The Technische Universität Darmstadt has proven to be a reliable partner in the past, but its actions are also subject to the guidelines of the Hessian state government. Whether and within what framework - read: in what order of magnitude - events such as the MSE2020 are actually permitted in September cannot be foreseen at present, as this is largely related to the further course of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to have the greatest possible planning security for eather side, both DGM and TU Darmstadt corresponded with each other in a spirit of trust and stand united behind the decision made.

    In addition, the MSE2020 with its strongly international character is always a major meeting of many scientists and industry representatives from all over the world. Travel restrictions that will remain in place for many months to come would automatically exclude many participants, as they are simply forbidden to enter Germany or leave their home country. Thus, the Internet - the term "World Wide Web" has never been more appropriate - offers a platform accessible to all groups of people for networking. In order to meet the existing desire for personal exchange, there is a discussion forum accessible via the MSE Programme, in which both four-eye and group talk sessions can be held.

    The financial effects of the pandemic are already being felt in almost all areas of the world. In many places, belts have to be tightened, so that saving money on travel costs is an immense factor and, in the current situation, a significant added value. At the same time, the web-based MSE2020 offers the opportunity to make use of the individual room for maneuver given until then, while at the same time supporting the exchange of knowledge.

    Within the framework of various further training courses and conferences such as the "4th Hybrid Materials and Structures" or "5th Bioinspired Materials", the German Materials Society has proven that events of various sizes can be mapped via the Internet. In the login-protected participant area, all lectures and poster sessions are available "on demand" during and after the event. The experience gained in spring and the learning processes from these webinars will now be used to the full extent in the planning of a unique MSE2020 - from smooth processes in the presentation of the lectures, including their archiving, to the backup and protection of personal data.

    Join us and look forward to a unique congress.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Conference Office
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.
    c/o DGM-Inventum GmbH
    Marie-Curie-Straße 11-17
    53575 Sankt Augustin
    T +49 (69) 75306 741

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