Lindau Meetings: Science Closer Together During the Online Science Days 2020 Despite Corona

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07/01/2020 16:59

Lindau Meetings: Science Closer Together During the Online Science Days 2020 Despite Corona

Wolfgang Haaß Kommunikation
Kuratorium für die Tagungen der Nobelpreisträger in Lindau e.V.

    - Diverse exchange on a virtual event platform
    - Appeals to politics, society – and science itself
    - Programme recordings already available in the Lindau Mediatheque
    - Comments on the event on Social Media, e. g. Twitter: #LINOSD

    No year without scientific exchange – the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings stayed true to this motto even in times of the corona pandemic, even if this year quite differently than usual. In an online forum, around 40 Nobel Laureates and roughly 1,000 young scientists and young economists as well as Lindau Alumni met each other in versatile online formats. Since Sunday afternoon, the Online Science Days 2020, organised by the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, have enabled high level interdisciplinary scientific exchange, as the best possible alternative to the Lindau Meetings, postponed until 2021.

    Thousands of messages in the event chat and on social media are evidence of the great commitment of the participants, who commented frequently or asked live questions on stage per video. Even the time differences between Australia, Europe and the American west coast could not keep the global audience from participating in this event, coming to an end on 1 July after spanning approximately 40 hours.

    Countess Bettina Bernadotte, President of the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, followed the programme with great enthusiasm: “With this digital-virtual format we have utilized the chance in terms of our reach around the world, in addition to the various contents discussed. However, the quality of the scientific exchange remains to be of the utmost importance to us. And so, regardless of this year’s success, we wish for nothing more in Lindau than that the Meetings 2021 can take place as planned. Many of the participants of this year’s formats have confirmed this as well: not only the Nobel Laureates, who have already been here and would like to come again but also the generation 2021, who is particularly excited about next year.”

    Science across borders

    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lubitz, Vice-President of the Council and Scientific Chairman of the Online Science Days, also resumes the experience positively: “In the light of the very short lead time since the decision was made in the middle of March to postpone this year’s Meeting to 2021, we can be very satisfied with what we put together and how many scientists we could win for their active participation in the online format. At the Online Science Days, science came closer together, across different generations, disciplines, cultures and continents.

    Interdisciplinary Answers to Burning Questions

    Thematically, the programme covered urgent questions on the corona pandemic – from a medical, humanitarian and economic perspective –, communicating the climate change problem as well as the further development of global scientific practice. In Next Gen Science Sessions as well as in the presentations of the Sciathon results (competition in the run-up to the Online Science Days) the next generation of researchers had the opportunity to present their work to a large audience.

    The distinguished scientists used the virtual podium for appeals to politics, society – and science itself:

    - For an equitable corona pandemic response concerning all dimensions;
    - For continuing to fight climate change in general, but in particular through better communication towards politics and society;
    - As both, a call and a self-imposed obligation to conduct science worldwide in a sustainable and cooperative way – in the spirit of the Lindau Guidelines, whose adoption was also postponed until next year.

    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kluge, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, highlights the interdisciplinary character of the event: “The fact that we integrated both Meetings planned for this year made the programme of the Online Science Days even more interdisciplinary. In addition to the Nobel disciplines from natural sciences, economics could also illustrate challenges and solutions. In this versatility, for example, the corona pandemic is being discussed in the political and in the public sphere, to which we could contribute. It is also gratifying that we had the opportunity to involve the Lindau Alumni – and that they are still so committed after years. In this spirit, we will continue to expand our alumni network.”

    Review of the Online Science Days 2020:

    - More than 2,000 participants followed the Online Science Days on the virtual event platform, the livestream and social media.
    - The approximately 40 hours of video material will soon be available in our Mediatheque.
    - 24 Next Gen Science Sessions, in which the next generation of researchers presented their work.
    - 9 prize-winning Sciathon groups (selected from 48) in the categories Capitalism after Corona, Communicating Climate Change, Lindau Guidelines

    Offers for Journalists:

    - Continued contact mediation to Nobel Laureates, Lindau Alumni, young scientists and young economists
    - A summary of our press material in our press area
    - Photos from our online activities on Flickr
    - Questions concerning the Online Science Days 2020:

    About the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

    Since their beginnings in 1951, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings have evolved into a unique international forum for scientific exchange. The annual meetings foster the exchange of different generations, cultures, and disciplines. The meetings focus alternately on physics, chemistry, or physiology and medicine – the three natural science Nobel Prize disciplines. An interdisciplinary meeting revolving around all three natural sciences is held every five years and the Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences is held every three years. Within the framework of various declarations (2015 on climate change, 1955 against the use of atomic weapons), the scientists have, again and again, played a part in bringing political pleas to public debate.

    It was two Lindau physicians, Franz Karl Hein and Gustav Wilhelm Parade, who approached Count Lennart Bernadotte af Wisborg to jointly develop and implement the idea – in 1953 young scientists were invited to join the meetings. Roughly 35,000 students, doctorates and post-docs have participated since then. The Meeting itself is experienced literally only once but the young scientists belong permanently to the Lindau Alumni Network, are connected with each other through that network, and are ambassadors of scientific dialogue.

    The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings are active year-round with their “Mission Education” highlighting the meaning of the knowledge society and supporting science and research. This goal serves for the development of their in-house online mediatheque into a learning platform for teaching materials for schools among other things.

    Further Information

    Contact Communication

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    +49 (0)8382 / 27731-26

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    More information: Website for Online Science Days 2020 Online Science Days 2020 in the Lindau Mediatheque

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