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10/20/2020 17:11

Hybrid teaching enriches the learning experience of students

Izabela Ahmad Pressestelle
Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

    Hybrid teaching at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences (BI) reflects the best practices of both traditional classroom and online teaching. The provision of high quality education under Corona conditions gave BI an initial impetus to redesign its teaching model. As a result, the university decided to reorganize its teaching: For the coming semester and beyond, BI students physically on the Berlin campus will be connected live to those who are not able to be there in person.

    Live Streaming technology in the seminar room

    Berlin International equipped its seminar rooms with Logitech Rally™ devices. The powerful system, which is offered by RightSense™, enables BI to broadcast lectures and seminars live. At the same time, the active participation and full interaction of students, both on-campus and online, is guaranteed.

    “Students who participate from a distance can be seen by their classmates and the instructor on a screen, while both groups can hear and communicate with each other without technical barriers, without the need to use individual microphones or other devices that would distract them. Whether it is a lecture or a workshop, the material provided by the lecturers is fully visible to both groups, online and on-campus”, explains Prof. Dr. Erick Behar-Villegas, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at Berlin International.

    Full flexibility for students and professors

    Hybrid teaching is crucial for universities, especially those with large number of international students, just like BI. In the dynamic world of constant and unexpected changes, the hybrid model offers a maximum flexibility in the process of teaching, for students and professors. Under specific circumstances, students can switch between participating on campus and participating remotely. The only challenge of the flexible teaching model are the different time zones, as courses for everyone around the globe take place simultaneously.

    Uniting the global community

    With a hybrid model, BI transforms a lecture into a dynamic and automated video conferencing meeting. Berlin International creates an entirely new learning experience for its students as well as alumni and connects the global BI community with the help of advanced technology, on which global organizations have already build successfully their operations. Virtual teams spread across different continents are a living normality in many companies, and BI students can experience and benefit from this type of interaction while still studying.

    About the university

    Berlin International University of Applied Sciences (BI) is a state-recognized private university, located in the heart of Berlin. BI stands for international and intercultural exchange and pursues an interdisciplinary approach.

    Berlin International offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in two faculties: Architecture & Design and Business Administration. All degree programs are state-recognized and accredited / or in the accreditation process, the language of instruction is English. The BI courses have a high practical relevance and are strongly oriented towards the respective industries and global job markets. The study programs are characterized by a clear structure, small learning groups per program and intensive contact with lecturers and professors.

    All information on programs and the application process can be found here:

    Press Contact

    Izabela Ahmad Mag., MA
    PR & Marketing Manager
    Phone: +49 30 - 8 10 58 08 – 35

    Berlin International
    University of Applied Sciences
    Salzufer 6
    10587 Berlin

    More information:

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    Hybrid Teaching at Berlin International

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