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11/03/2020 16:10

Important Milestone for International Talent Development Network

Christina Glaser Referat II/2 - Kommunikation & Marketing
Universität Regensburg

    On 15 October 2020, Global Talent Mentoring reached an important milestone: Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stoeger, the online mentoring program developed at the University of Regensburg (Germany) to foster excellence in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical sciences (STEMM) opened its application phase for more than 500 remarkably driven youths from 23 countries. All students were nominated by leading institutions active in talent development in their respective countries and invited by Global Talent Mentoring to apply.

    Together with the Global Talent Mentoring team, this undertaking was realized with the support of more than 30 partner institutions that carefully selected and nominated students as mentee candidates and made possible thanks to the UNESCO-affiliated Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance (Dubai, UAE). With this milestone, Global Talent Mentoring is one step closer to fulfilling its vision of providing individual, long-term talent support to the best youths in STEMM worldwide in their journeys to achieve STEMM excellence.

    These exceptionally talented youths now have until 30 November to complete a comprehensive application and tests for the program. Global Talent Mentoring will then select the best candidates early next year and accept them as mentees. Starting 1 March 2021, the mentees will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative, worldwide online mentoring program. In addition to classic one-on-one mentoring by distinguished scientists and experts in the STEMM fields, the program offers a wide range of networking opportunities, STEMM projects, and much more. Students start as mentees at around age 16 and participate for up to 10 years. Participation is free of charge. Global Talent Mentoring is based on extensive research and will be continuously evaluated. The knowledge gained through such evaluations will be incorporated into the long-term improvement of the program.

    Guiding these talented youths are nearly 200 dedicated STEMM experts from all over the world who have already registered as mentor volunteers. In order to ensure an optimal match between mentees and mentors, however, Global Talent Mentoring is still looking for qualified experts who are actively working in a STEMM field and can demonstrate outstanding achievements in research and development.

    For more information on Global Talent Mentoring and volunteering as a mentor, please visit

    Contact for scientific information:

    Christin Graml, M.A.
    Global Talent Mentoring
    University of Regensburg
    Phone +49 941 943-5952

    More information:


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