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02/16/2004 12:57

European Conference on Quality and Methodology in Official Statistics (Q2004)

Pressestelle Statistisches Bundesamt Pressestelle
Statistisches Bundesamt

    Mainz, Germany, Castle of the Prince Elector, 24-26 May 2004
    Registration form and conference programme at

    · Speakers from 4 continents, 31 countries, and 58 institutions
    · 128 contributed papers and 102 associated papers in 32 sessions
    · 5 invited sessions with high level speakers

    · Speakers include:
    Carmen Arribas, Jelke Bethlehem, Paul Biemer, Norman Bradburn, Larry Cox, Jean-Claude Deville, Enrico Giovannini, Patrick Heady, Jean-Marc Israël, Clementina Ivan Ungureanu, Risto Lehtonen, Lars Lyberg, Peter Lynn, David Marker, Peter Mohler, Walter Mudryck, Svante Öberg, Christoph M. Schmidt, Chris Skinner, Clyde Tucker, Marylin Seastrom, and many others

    Q2004 - the European Conference on Quality and Methodology in Official Statistics
    · The goal of the conference is to bring together people representing the current thinking and new developments in the field of quality and methodology in Europe and in the world. Q2004 is a step towards the establishment of a regular European forum for methodological questions.
    · The conference is organised as the first conference in a series of biennial scientific gatherings covering important methodological and quality-related topics of relevance to the European Statistical System (ESS).
    · Q2004 builds on the successful experience of the International Conference on Quality in Official Statistics in Stockholm 2001 (Q2001).
    · The response to the call for papers launched in mid 2003 exceeded all expectations: More than 260 abstracts have been submitted, twice as much as expected.
    · We expect more than 400 participants. The conference language is English and no interpretation service provided.

    Session Topics
    · Survey & Census Design (2)
    · Improving Surveys
    · Data Processing (2)
    · Questionnaire Design and Testing (2)
    · Fieldwork
    · Nonresponse Studies
    · Non-Sampling Errors (2)
    · Administrative Data
    · Computer assisted surveys
    · Variance Estimation
    · Small Area Estimation
    · Weighting and Calibration
    · Metadata (2)
    · Confidentiality (2)
    · Presenting Statistical Data
    · Quality Indicators (2)
    · Quality Reporting
    · Quality Assessment
    · Perception Surveys
    · Quality Components
    · Quality of National Accounts
    · Corporate Quality Programmes (2)
    · Improving Processes
    · Recommended Practices

    Find the full conference programme at

    Further features of the conference:
    · Short Courses on 24 May 2004:
    Course 1: Survey Quality
    Paul Biemer (RTI International) and Lars Lyberg (Statistics Sweden)
    Course 2: Quality Management in Statistical Agencies
    Mats Bergdahl (Statistics Sweden) and Maria Jo"o Zilhao (INE Portugal)
    Course 3: Variance Estimation in Complex Surveys
    Chris Skinner (University of Southampton), Anthony Davison (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) and Ralf Münnich (University of Tübingen)
    · 3 additional DACSEIS Sessions on Data Quality in Complex Surveys
    The Final Conference of the European FP5 Project Data Quality in Complex Surveys within the New European Information Society (DACSEIS) is integrated in Q2004

    For any further information
    · about the Q2004 conference programme please visit or contact the chairs of the programme committee, Werner Grünewald ( and Thomas Körner (, or write to
    · about Mainz and the Castle of the Prince Elector (conference site) at

    Deadlines for registration
    15 March 2004 Last day for regular registration fee
    15 April 2004 Registration form due

    More information:


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    transregional, national
    Miscellaneous scientific news/publications, Scientific conferences



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