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02/18/2021 14:14

University of Bremen: New Open Science Training Program

Sarah Batelka Hochschulkommunikation und -marketing
Universität Bremen

    The University of Bremen is developing an open science and open innovation training program for early-career researchers in cooperation with eight partner universities across Europe. The project will receive a total of 250,000 euros funding from the EU and starts at the beginning of 2021.

    “Our aim is to create a practical training program in the areas of open innovation, entrepreneurship, and open science. The training program is to form the basis for a best-practice apprenticeship on a European level,” explains Dr. Björn Oliver Schmidt from the Administrative Unit for Research at the University of Bremen. In close cooperation, Dr. Tanja Hörner from the U Bremen research Alliance and Dr. Björn Oliver Schmidt will take over the role as heads of the sub-project Open Science Training together with the University of Eastern Finland.

    Interested alliance members can take part in so-called train-the-trainer courses. “In the Open Science sub-project, the training focus should lie on research data management,” states Dr. Tanja Hörner. In the said train-the-trainer courses, participants have the opportunity to develop practical training concepts in order to learn about their core contents. Moreover, networking with the international community is also to take place. “The goal is to pass on the knowledge gained in teaching and training to diverse target groups.” Hands-on open science training concepts are offered, for example in the frame of the interdisciplinary education of PhD students in Data Train – Training in Research Data Management and Data Science from the U Bremen Research Alliance, which is currently being established. There is also the chance to take part in training programs offered by other sub-projects (open innovation & entrepreneurship) at each of the other partner universities.

    The project is being supported as part of the “Wissenschaft mit der und für die Gesellschaft” (Science with and for Society) program from the European Union (EU). The program promotes concepts that are of great interdisciplinary relevance for excellent research and innovation. The top-down approach is employed, thus funding topics are prescribed.

    Information regarding registration for training will be provided via the website of the Administrative Unit for Research or the U Bremen Research Alliance website.

    A total of eleven international universities and partners are working on various training programs under the project title Developing and Implementing hands-on training on Open Science and Open Innovation for Doctoral Candidates (DIOSI).

    The U Bremen Research Alliance is a collaboration between the University of Bremen and eleven federal and state funded, non-university research institutes in Bremen. The alliance has the goal of strategically aligning research cooperations and strengthening them.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Dr. Björn Oliver Schmidt
    Administrative Unit 12: Research
    University of Bremen
    Phone: +49 421 218-60304

    Dr. Tanja Hörner
    Research Data Management and Data Science
    U Bremen Research Alliance
    Phone: +49 421 218-56788

    More information:

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