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02/24/2021 09:18

International exchange in educational research at a glance

Anke Wilde Referat Kommunikation
DIPF | Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsinformation

    Even if educational research is in many cases focused on individual states, relevant research topics are often similar from an international perspective. Their similarity is evident in a new volume, “International Perspectives on School Settings, Education Policy and Digital Strategies. A Transatlantic Discourse in Education Research“, edited by Dr Annika Wilmers and Dr Sieglinde Jornitz from ice – International Cooperation in Education, a service point at DIPF. Subject to six thematic areas, the authors discuss the current state of research. This collective volume is published in Open Access format, freely available on the internet.

    “Education systems in Europe, Australia and North-America with their specific shapes are facing similar challenges“, so DIPF researcher Dr Annika Wilmers. “For instance, this concerns digitizing and migration but also the question of reacting appropriately to international assessments of student achievement such as PISA. These challenges themselves are focused by educational research – and therefore an exchange across borders is appealing.“

    Since 2015, the service point ice has organised international panels at the annual meetings of the American Educational Research Association, focusing on current issues in international educational research. Co-editor Dr Sieglinde Jornitz explains that an important forum for transatlantic exchange has thus been established - Jornitz is also a researcher at DIPF. “Still, we noticed that often different approaches and terminologies are used by the educational researchers in the different countries and education systems. In this respect, international research is an essential and enriching means of exchange, to reflect upon one’s own yardsticks and standards, and to further develop empirical, theoretical and methodological approaches.“

    The volume reflects discussions from the past six years, structured by: 1) school leadership and school development, 2) migration, refugees and public education, 3) international student assessments and their effects on education policy, 4) management and use of digital data in education, 5) economization of education, 6) the challenges of translation.

    For example, the contributions highlight the growing relevance of data from the standardised assessment of student achievement for an optimization of education systems and a resulting accountability for politicians and teachers. It is also evident that so far little is known about the connection between student assessments, subsequent educational reforms and ultimate achievement in education. The volume furthermore addresses the development of theoretical framework models for international analyses and comparisons, as is done in chapters on school development or the contributions on migration and refugees in education.

    The volume was published by the Barbara Budrich publishing house; it is freely available on the internet and under a Creative Commons license.

    About DIPF:
    DIPF is the Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education with locations in Frankfurt am Main and in Berlin. DIPF wants to contribute to coping with challenges in education, facilitating access to education and improving quality in education. Therefore, the institute supports schools, children’s day-care centres, scientists, administrators and policy-makers with empirical research, scientific infrastructures and knowledge transfer.

    Press Contact:
    Anke Wilde, DIPF, +49 (0)69 24708-824,,,

    Contact for scientific information:

    Dr. Annika Wilmers, +49 (0)69 24708-735,
    Dr. Sieglinde Jornitz, +49 (0)69 24708-340,

    Original publication:

    Wilmers, A., Jornitz, S. (eds.). (2021). International Perspectives on School Settings, Education Policy and Digital Strategies. A Transatlantic Discourse in Education Research. Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: Verlag Barbara Budrich.

    DOI: 10.3224/84742299

    Link to the publication:

    More information: - Link to the service unit ice - International Cooperation in Education

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