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03/22/2021 15:48

Jade College kick-off to increase number of students with foreign university entrance qualification

Anke Westwood Presse & Kommunikation
Jade Hochschule - Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth

    One of the most important strategic projects in the upcoming years

    Wilhelmshaven.Oldenburg.Elsfleth. Jade College, a new studies preparation program for students with foreign university entrance qualification, has recently started at Jade University of Applied Sciences. The aims are to increase academic success of foreign students, establish homogeneous entrance conditions, ensure study quality and strengthen the region. Involvement in the program is not restricted to university members but also includes regional companies and institutions.

    Preparing students with foreign university entrance qualification for a successful graduation
    In order that foreign students find their way within Germany‘s higher education landscape and are able to successfully graduate, support is required especially during the time of study. „The Jade College is a way for us to take care that foreign students can successfully study at our university”, Prof. Dr. Juliane Benra, vice president of international affairs, explains. Furthermore, a medium-term objective is to counteract the skills shortage in the region. The Jade College aims at raising a feeling of commitment to the region that persists after graduating.

    Strategic project for the university and the region
    The Jade College is an annual study preparation program which initially offers 25 places for international students with a university entrance qualification. The start is planned for the “winter semester” 2021/22. The first two years are funded by DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, with a sum of 500,000 Euros. It was emphasized in the kick-off event last Friday that the Jade University of Applied Sciences strives for a consolidation of the program. „For the Jade University of Applied Science and the region, this is one of the most important strategic projects in the upcoming years “, the university’s president, Prof. Dr. Manfred Weisensee, says, underlining the project’s importance.

    In two sessions of the kick-off event, about 60 participants were actively involved in the collection of ideas regarding the start of the project. First they had the opportunity to speak with foreign students and to learn about the challenges students face during their studies. In a second round, the participants were asked to voice experiences and suggestions to different topic areas, which will be elaborated in further meetings with the steering committee and a task force.

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    Preparing students with foreign university entrance qualification for a successful graduation

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