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04/14/2021 11:50

DKMS launches online platform for healthcare professionals

Nina Louis Medizin & Wissenschaft
DKMS - Medizin & Wissenschaft

    DKMS invites medical and healthcare professionals working in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation to visit the newly developed DKMS platform at This website gives an overview of the work of all our specialist departments and offers comprehensive insights into the non-profit organization’s scientific studies and publications. Furthermore, it provides access to DKMS’ services, resources, grants and support programs. The site features a modern and streamlined design and makes it easy to access essential information.

    DKMS continuously works to improve the situation for patients with blood cancer and other life-threatening blood disorders, whilst ensuring donor safety. At the same time, DKMS provides the best possible services for medical and healthcare professionals. Originally founded as a non-profit stem cell donor center, DKMS’ commitment today extends far beyond the registration of potential unrelated donors. “Over the past thirty years, our experts have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of stem cell donation and transplantation. Science and research are key in the fight against blood cancer. We’ve created this platform to share our findings and know-how and to support the important work of clinicians, researchers, registries and transplant centers worldwide. After many months of hard work and dedication from our team, we're excited to debut our new website,” says Dr. Elke Neujahr, Global Chief Executive Officer at DKMS.

    Focus: Sharing of knowledge and expertise

    The Research & Publications section of the platform has been designed for clinicians, researchers and scientists. “We constantly optimize our work and invest in research projects and quality programs to contribute to improving the outcome of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation,” says Dr. Alexander Schmidt, Global Chief Medical Officer at DKMS.
    The research of the organization focuses on three key areas: the optimization of the DKMS donor pool, advancing donor selection and improving cell therapy and transplantation. “We further support groundbreaking research projects by awarding the John Hansen Research Grant to outstanding young scientists working in the field of cell therapy and transplantation. I’m delighted that the work and findings of many experts from our specialist departments and our network are now available online,” Dr. Schmidt adds.

    Consistent and quality-based services at every step of the journey to transplantation

    Transplant centers and registries worldwide can explore the services section and gain access to all of DKMS’ services such as Family Typing and Donation as well as DKMS Registry services: all the way from the initial donor search to workup, follow-up and donor-patient contact services. The DKMS Registry also offers software tools to transplant centers and registries worldwide, enabling an independent search of the DKMS donor pool (except DKMS US) for a matching donor for their patient. In this section users can also find all the forms and information they need as well information about support programs DKMS has established, such as “Access to Transplantation” to improve the situation for patients living in low- and middle-income countries.

    Further features and content

    In the facts and figures section DKMS provides information about the typing profile of its donors, and programs the organization has established to improve the typing quality of registered donors as well as to reduce search times to identify the best possible match. Key statistics can also be found there.

    The DKMS professionals’ platform will be updated on a regular basis with news of scientific research results, essential information about services and programs as well as group-wide milestones of the international organization. To discover the full range of DKMS’ service portfolio and to find out more about the organization’s engagement in science and research, please visit

    More information:


    DKMS Professionals Platform
    DKMS Professionals Platform

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    DKMS Professionals Platform

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