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07/21/2021 13:24

IVAM Hightech Summit 2021 on August 25 and 26 shows potential of microtechnology as problem solver

Mona Okroy-Hellweg Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
IVAM Fachverband für Mikrotechnik

    "Climate crisis, pandemics, digitalization, collapse of the healthcare system or demographic change: No matter what challenges await us in the future - microtechnology is part of the answer!", Dr. Thomas Dietrich, CEO of the IVAM Microtechnology Network sums up why current and future crises can best be solved with innovations.

    Microtechnology for better quality of life, climate protection and optimized patient care
    Microtechnology and key technologies based on it, such as microelectronics, micro optics and photonics, microfluidics or nanotechnology, are drivers of innovation and have already played a massive role in the further development of smart technologies, robotics, alternative energy concepts as well as minimally invasive, miniaturized medical technology and the rapid development of vaccines and medicines over the last two decades.

    "Now it's a matter of continuing these successes and to turn these technologies into market-ready products that will help us to solve almost all the pressing problems of the future better," Dietrich further explains. "With the IVAM Hightech Summit, we have been showing once a year since 2017 which concepts and ideas the leading minds in the industry are currently working on and what can be successfully implemented in products." This year, the IVAM Hightech Summit will take place as a purely digital event on August 25 and 26, 2021.

    Nine sessions showcase the broad range of microfluidics, medical technology, wearables, sensor technology as well as optics and photonics
    The conference program is at the heart of the event. In addition to micro optics and photonics, where the enormous potential of quantum technologies and laser technology applications will be addressed, the main topics will include wearables, where the interaction of precise sensors with various other microelectronic components enables smart, wearable medical products and consumer goods.

    The high-revenue market for medical technology products, components and manufacturing processes for mobile diagnostics and therapy will be covered in a separate session. Microfluidic processes make an enormous contribution to the further development of research and development in the field of point-of-care diagnostics, in drug and vaccine development. Two special sessions will explain the possibilities of the technology, especially in interaction with biosensors and for the fields of chemistry and biotechnology.

    The conference program is organized by IVAM in cooperation with the partner networks Optence, MinacNed, AMA and Nano in Germany as well as the IVAM Focus Groups. High-tech from the far east will be presented in a simultaneously translated session in cooperation with the Japanese JETRO organization.

    Digital supporting program enables efficient contact building
    In the virtual supporting program with exhibition space and live networking, companies and institutes have the opportunity to present their products, find customers, suppliers and research partners and talk about upcoming projects in the virtual space. Applications for a "Hightech Package" and registration for a visit to the conference program and exhibition areas are available at

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    IVAM Hightech Summit 2021

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