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09/06/2021 15:40

Post-doctoral researcher from the University of Bayreuth receives prize in the field of Operations Research

Christian Wißler Pressestelle
Universität Bayreuth

    Dr. Martin Weibelzahl is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bayreuth and, among others, leads the large-scale SynErgie project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and focuses on the design of the German energy transition, at the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT. For his outstanding scientific achievements, Dr. Weibelzahl was honoured with the Young Researchers Award from the Gesellschaft für Operations Research e.V. (GOR). During an international conference organised by GOR, he received the award, endowed with € 2,000, on 1 September 2021, together with this year's two other winners.

    Operations Research (OR) is a field of research that links mathematics, computer science, and economics to help companies, institutions, and organisations make decisions in complex environments. GOR is the scientific association in this field, and has a total of about 1,300 members, including numerous institutions from science, business, and administration.

    Dr. Weibelzahl is a post-doctoral researcher at the professorship for Information Systems and Digital Energy Management at the University of Bayreuth. In his research, he deals with fundamental questions of the sustainable transformation of our economy and society. In doing so, he applies approaches from OR to the design of new markets. With regard to possible applications, his research results are attracting great interest, especially from institutions and companies in the energy and transportation sectors.

    In addition to the Young Researchers Award, Dr. Weibelzahl has also received this year’s Christian Karl Schmidt Prize for excellent teaching of the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics at the University of Bayreuth. Last year, he was selected as a participant of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Dr. Martin Weibelzahl
    Information Systems and Digital Energy Management
    University of Bayreuth
    Phone: +49 (0)921 55-4737


    Dr. Martin Weibelzahl, University of Bayreuth.
    Dr. Martin Weibelzahl, University of Bayreuth.
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    Dr. Martin Weibelzahl, University of Bayreuth.

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