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09/14/2021 12:10

Peter Hennicke Receives Japan’s Highest Award

Luisa Lucas Kommunikation
Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie gGmbH

    Japanese embassy presents the ‘Order of the Rising Sun’ for commitment to the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council

    The Japanese government has awarded the ‘Order of the Rising Sun’ to Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, Senior Advisor at the Wuppertal Institute and German Co-chair of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC). This is one of the highest awards Japan presents to individuals who have made a significant contribution to Japanese culture and society. Prof. Hennicke is receiving the Order for his ongoing commitment to and work for the GJETC. The award was presented in a ceremony at the Japanese Embassy in Berlin on 13 September, 2021

    Wuppertal, 14 September 2021: Together with the ‘Order of the Rising Sun’, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Toshimitsu Motegi extended his congratulations to Prof. Hennicke, who expressed his gratitude for the award: “This prestigious order is a tremendous encouragement for the GJETC and shows that the GJETC’s work is acknowledged and appreciated in Japan. Creating an international role model for the exchange of knowledge and scientific cooperation geared toward practical applications remains our shared goal with the GJETC. The US, the EU and China as well as Germany and Japan are showing greater ambition with respect to their climate policies, and this reinforces our conviction that we have a role to play by providing scientific advice to policymakers. It’s important to work together to find ways of achieving carbon neutrality, particularly in light of varying conditions and energy policy priorities.”

    “The team at the Wuppertal Institute extends its warmest congratulations to Peter Hennicke,” said Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick, Scientific Managing Director of the Wuppertal Institute. “We all appreciate his firm commitment to a successful energy transition on the GJETC, his international activities and his scientific work. So we are all the more delighted to join him in celebrating this prestigious award, which is also a great honour for the Wuppertal Institute.”

    About the GJETC

    The Wuppertal Institute and ECOS Consult coordinate the council’s work as secretariat on the German side, with the Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ) taking this role on the Japanese side. Working together, the GJETC established science-based cooperation between the two countries on issues regarding global warming and the energy transition. Since its founding, the Council has produced numerous energy analyses, hosted events in Berlin and Tokyo and formulated recommendations on the energy transition to the Japanese and German governments and in support of the German-Japanese Energy Partnership.

    The second phase of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) concluded in March 2021 following four years of successful collaboration. During a third project phase in 2021, the GJETC is now moving its work forwards with new topics of study and cooperation concepts to ensure it can continue developing independent impetus for a long-term, sustainable energy supply strategy with a comprehensive scope.

    Further information:

    GJETC website

    GJETC 2021 – German-Japanese Energy Transition Council Phase 3, Year 2021

    GJETC 2 – Advancement of the ‘German-Japanese Energy Transition Council’ (GJETC)

    More information: Press release GJETC website
    http://GJETC 2021 – German-Japanese Energy Transition Council Phase 3, Year 2021 GJETC 2 – Advancement of the ‘German-Japanese Energy Transition Council’ (GJETC)

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    The Japanese government has awarded the ‘Order of the Rising Sun’ to Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke with Hidenao Yanagi, Ambassador of Japan to the Federal Republic of Germany (left) and his wife Sabine Hennicke (right)

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