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09/21/2021 20:22

New Term — New Normal: HHL continues to enroll and teach in a hybrid format in the 2021/22 winter term

Eva Echterhoff Media Relations
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

    At Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL), the new term starts with the hybrid reality that has already been tried and tested. A total of 230 students from 29 nations, including Brazil, Egypt, China, South Korea, Spain, Finland and Taiwan, have enrolled for the winter term now starting at HHL.
    The enrollment ceremony once again took place in a hybrid format, just like last year when the new setup was used for the first time.

    Matriculation without masks following hygiene protocols
    Most people from the new class were able to solemnly register their names in the HHL roll of students on location in Leipzig, following the required hygiene protocol, even without masks as they kept their distance.
    In order to comply with pandemic-related regulations, HHL once again held the ceremony on September 6 not at the university itself, but at Leipzig’s Hyperion Hotel. About 200 people attended the ceremony “in real life” while close to a hundred joined via live stream. New students who were unable to attend in person were called by name and their countries' flags were projected onto monitors. They will sign their names in the great book of students when they actually set foot on campus for the first time.

    Continued hybrid instruction
    Even though most students say they enjoy their presence on the university campus at Jahnallee 59, it is not necessary. This semester, HHL is once again offering its education in a highly flexible form: all degree programs, like the Masters in Management (M.Sc.) and the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), are offered as full and part-time programs, both virtually and physically on campus.

    HHL student Shalini Dave welcomed her new fellow students by saying,
    “With all the demands you will have to meet here, it will not be easy to balance academic life and a personal, social life. You will go through many cycles of learning, unlearning, relearning, and ultimately a better version of yourself will emerge.”

    Welcoming the new class, HHL Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner emphasizes,
    “Even if a degree from HHL usually leads to high earning opportunities, I can only advise you: don't think about money right away — think about your personal development first! You will meet many excellent professors and fellow students and receive an abundance of fascinating information. But the most important aspect, however, will be that you can build a framework for you and your life here. Ask yourselves the question: Where do I stand? Which factors are important for me and with which people do I feel at home?”

    Several scholarships were awarded during the enrollment ceremony.
    DAAD Prize
    The prize from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) was awarded to Tsz Yao Lo from Hong Kong, China. With an average mark of 1.5, she is one of the best HHL students in her year. Her extraordinary intercultural commitment, e.g., in leading a student initiative, was a deciding factor for her winning the award. After completing her Master’s degree at HHL, Tsz Yao Lo wants to found her own startup in the field of insurance or financial technology. Presenter Frank Hoffmann from HHL International Relations emphasized that only 200 out of 2.9 million students in Germany receive this award. The DAAD Prize creates a lasting and enriching effect on international exchange by supporting students in continuing their Master’s programs in Germany. (Photo available upon request.)

    From screen to screen: handing out the Palero Award
    Due to the exceptional relevance of his academic work to the field of private equity, Christian Schöppl, currently completing a part-time Master’s program, received the Palero Award for his HHL thesis. Both the honoree and the award presenter, Conny Wuppermann of Palero, virtually connected on screen during the ceremony. (Photo available upon request.)

    National Scholarship
    National Scholarships were awarded to:
    Omar Ghufran (supported by Spinlab – The HHL Accelerator), Jonas Huchtkemper (Schüco Polymer Technologies) Samantha Moskowitz (Leipziger Stadtbau AG) und Natalia Yakoleva (Seecon Ingenieure GmbH). The scholarships for David Luxenhofer (Leipziger Stadtwerke) and David Muuß (Stadtbau AG) were extended by one year by their respective sponsors.
    National Scholarships are awarded by the German government and different enterprises honoring exceptional motivation, outstanding academic performance and social commitment. The application for a National Scholarship is open to any HHL student.

    Young Leader Award
    The Young Leader Award, with the EUR 7,500 prize being the highest endowment, went to Maximilian Fiedler from the part-time Master’s in Management 12 (Finance) Track for the exceptionally high quality of his research.

    By their own admission, all scholarship holders have in common the goal of applying their acquired knowledge in a sustainable manner and meeting new social standards for a leadership role in their later professional lives.

    About HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
    HHL, founded in 1898 as Handelshochschule Leipzig (Leipzig Commercial College) and reestablished in 1992, is Germany’s oldest and one of the leading business schools today. It is a university-level, state-recognized private business school with the right to award doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. HHL stands out for its excellent teaching, its clear research focus, its effective knowledge transfer into practice as well as its outstanding student services. The 2020 edition of the renowned Global Masters in Management Ranking awarded top places to the education offered at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management both in Europe and worldwide (2nd place in Germany, 23rd place globally). In 2021, Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany) ranked HHL as the best entrepreneurial university in Germany for the fifth time in a row. Over the last few decades, HHL has produced more than 300 startup businesses.

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