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07/07/2022 11:33

DigitalFuture Summit 2022: 1,000 students and 24 partner companies discuss digitalization at ESMT Berlin

Jennifer Reo Corporate Communications
European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)

    From July 7-8, 2022, the DigitalFuture Summit (DFS) will take place at ESMT Berlin in a hybrid format. Around 1,000 young professionals and students from over 100 universities and more than 40 countries will join 24 partner companies to discuss the opportunities and hurdles of the digital future.

    The DigitalFuture Summit is one of the largest student-organized conferences in Germany. It is organized entirely by Master in Management students at ESMT Berlin. The summit serves as a platform to bring young professionals and students together with executives from well-known companies and emerging startups.

    This year’s speakers include Konradin Breyer, co-founder and CEO of Forget Finance, Julian Dames, co-founder of Flink, Franziska Giffey, governing mayor of Berlin, Dirk Hilgenberg, CEO of Cariad, Florian Huber, entrepreneur and Business Angel of the Year 2018 (named by the German Business Angels Association), Christine Kiefer, co-founder and managing director of Ride Capital, Christoph Meinel, managing director of Hasso Plattner Institute, Sibylle Strack, CGO BizBanking at Deutsche Bank, Henry Widera, CIO of BVG, and many more.

    In master classes, panel discussions, and workshops, company leaders and students discuss topics relevant to our digital future, such as work, health, mobility, information, sustainability, and technology. In addition, there is a pitch competition, hosted by ESMT’s entrepreneurship hub Vali Berlin. The competition offers early-stage startups the opportunity to network with the startup ecosystem and pitch in front of a jury of well-known and successful serial entrepreneurs, investors, and their peers.

    “The DFS was founded in 2016, and we are continuing the tradition of bringing students together with leading companies and successful start-ups this year. For the first time, the DFS will take place in a hybrid format to offer even more students the opportunity to discuss together the most important topics of tomorrow,” says Robert Sinke, chair of DigitalFuture Summit 2022. “We believe that by connecting top talent with international executives, respected academics, and influential thought leaders, we can further unleash the potential of our digital future.”

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