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02/07/2024 11:40

Annika Maschwitz appointed HSB's new Vice President of Academic Affairs and Internationalisation

Meike Mossig Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Hochschule Bremen

    Hochschule Bremen (HSB) has appointed Professor Dr Annika Maschwitz as its new Vice President for Academic Affairs and Internationalisation. At a special meeting held on Tuesday, 6 February 2024, the Academic Senate (AS) overwhelmingly endorsed the recommendation put forward by the President of HSB. The 2-year term of office begins on 1 April 2024. "Annika Maschwitz brings a wealth of valuable experience and broad expertise to the areas of teaching and learning and additionally to that of internationalisation," says President Prof. Dr Konrad Wolf. "I would like to thank the Academic Senate for the trust shown in following my recommendation."

    "I am looking forward to my new role as Vice President and would like to thank the AS and the President for their support," says Annika Maschwitz. "Teaching and learning are the core activities of a university. My aim is to further develop this area over the next few years together with HSB's management, staff and students and make it fit for the future." This applies in particular to the further internationalisation of HSB. In this context, the EU-funded STARS EU university alliance offers an opportunity full of potential and points of contact for the development of inter- and transdisciplinary programmes. In addition to HSB, eight other European universities belong to the network.

    Broad expertise

    Annika Maschwitz has been Professor of Lifelong Learning in Faculty 1 – School of International Business at HSB since 2019. She is also Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL). The centre shapes and supports the further development and quality of teaching and learning at Hochschule Bremen. In this role, Annika Maschwitz is also a member of the steering committee for HSB's system reaccreditation, which is currently underway. She is also deputy chairwoman of the German Association for University Continuing and Distance Education (DGWF) and acts as an expert in various federal and state funding programmes and advisory panels.

    Previously at the University of Oldenburg

    Before coming to HSB, the 41-year-old was a project manager at the University of Oldenburg and was responsible for the management of the Schulenberg Institute for Educational Research (GmbH). After studying education – majoring in adult education – and economics at the University of Oldenburg, Annika Maschwitz went on to complete her doctorate there in 2013 on the topic of "Cooperation between universities and companies in the field of continuing education programmes".

    The office of the vice president is expanded by responsibility for internationalisation

    Before Professor Dr Annika Maschwitz, the office of the vice president was responsible for academic affairs. For five years up to the end of February 2023, it was led in this role by Professor Dr Thomas Pawlik of Faculty 5 – School of Nature and Engineering. In the meantime, it has been managed on an interim basis by the Head of Administration, Daniel Engelbrecht, and the Vice President for Digitalisation, Dr Sabina Schoefer. When the new President, Professor Dr Konrad Wolf, took office in September 2023, the process of appointing a new vice president began. After consultation with the Academic Senate, duties were expanded to include the area of internationalisation. This was previously the responsibility of the President and his predecessor Professor Dr. Karin Luckey.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Meike Mossig
    Press Officer
    Hochschule Bremen (HSB)
    City University of Applied Sciences
    Tel.: +49 421 5905-2245
    Mobile.: 0176-15140388

    More information:


    Prof. Dr Annika Maschwitz will be the new Vice President of Academic Affairs and Internationalisation at Hochschule Bremen (HSB) from 1 April 2024. Next to her the President Prof. Dr Konrad Wolf (from left).
    Prof. Dr Annika Maschwitz will be the new Vice President of Academic Affairs and Internationalisatio ...
    Meike Mossig

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    Prof. Dr Annika Maschwitz will be the new Vice President of Academic Affairs and Internationalisation at Hochschule Bremen (HSB) from 1 April 2024. Next to her the President Prof. Dr Konrad Wolf (from left).

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