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04/02/2024 14:21

Aachen Polymer Optics Days 2024: International conference on the production of optical components made of polymer

Susanne Krause Externe und interne Kommunikation
Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnologie IPT

    Small, large, round, square – polymer optics are found in numerous products. From general lighting scenarios to LED front optics for vehicles to cell phone cameras or displays in classic consumer goods, there is a wide range of applications for polymer optics. However, ever shorter product cycles, the trend towards miniaturization and increased material requirements call for new product concepts and production solutions. The "Aachen Polymer Optics Days" conference offers a varied program of lectures on innovations and trends in optical polymer production. The international conference will take place for the fifth time in Aachen from June 19 to 20, 2024.

    With 21 presentations from renowned industrial companies and research institutes, the "Aachen Polymer Optics Meeting" conference will be held at a new venue in the north of Aachen this year. The international character of the event is particularly pronounced this time as four speakers from the USA as well as other speakers from Japan, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria are participating.

    Aachen research institutions showcase their expertise in the production of polymer optics

    A scientific committee of the two Fraunhofer Institutes for Production Technology IPT and for Laser Technology ILT as well as the Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and Craft at RWTH Aachen University has been organizing the event regularly for a decade now. In that time, the conference has established itself as an important international forum for leading experts in the field of polymer optics manufacturing. The event focuses on five main topics:

    - Materials for polymer optics
    - Tool and mold making for optical components
    - Replication of optical components
    - Quality management for optical components
    - Optical systems

    The aim of the conferences is to network and exchange information on developments, research results and future visions for the production of polymer optics.

    The presentations will be accompanied by an industry exhibition for the conference sponsors. In the afternoon program of the first day of the event, the three host research institutes, located on the Aachen campus in the Melaten district, will invite visitors to tour their halls and laboratories. Guests at the event will be able to find out about current research work and engage in a scientific exchange on the challenges of production with a panel of experts. The first day will end with a joint evening event that invites participants to network with one another.

    Early bird discount until April 28, 2024

    Registration for the event is open. Interested parties can register for the conference via the website An early bird discount is available until April 28, 2024. There are also still places available in the accompanying industry exhibition, which will be allocated on request.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Helen Sophie Kolb

    Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnologie IPT
    Steinbachstrasse 17
    52074 Aachen

    Phone +49 241 8904-287

    More information:


    Polymer optic with motif of the Aachen Cathedral
    Polymer optic with motif of the Aachen Cathedral

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    Polymer optic with motif of the Aachen Cathedral

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