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04/17/2024 17:00

4th Lindau Online Sciathon About to Begin: 48 Hours of Global Collaboration Among Scientists

Wolfgang Haaß Kommunikation
Kuratorium für die Tagungen der Nobelpreisträger in Lindau e.V.

    - Lindau Online Sciathon from 19−21 April 2024
    - Innovative adaption of hackathon concept to cutting edge science
    - Project groups collaborate online to explore Physics as a Driver of a Sustainable World
    - After evaluation by the jury, the best projects will be announced on in June
    - Live broadcast of the opening and closing event:
    - Updates on the competition via social media – #Sciathon

    This Friday, Lindau Young Scientists as well as Lindau Alumni will profit from a great opportunity to expand their global network in science: at 17:00 CEST, the 4th Lindau Online Sciathon 2024 will start with the opening event. Based on the concept of a hackathon, the participating groups of scientists from all over the world will work intensively for 48 hours on projects submitted by Lindau Alumni. These Alumni also lead the working groups of Young Scientists selected for the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting and other Lindau Alumni.

    The topic of the fourth edition of the Sciathon is "Physics as a Driver for a Sustainable World", aiming at the creative, innovative application of insights and instruments from physics to solve current problems.

    Opportunity for Finalists to Present Their Idea at the Lindau Meeting

    A jury of experts chaired by Professor Heiner Linke will evaluate the results of the Sciathon on the basis of criteria such as creativity of the idea, quality and relevance of the project as well as feasibility. As a result, representatives of the most promising projects will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas in a workshop during the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting this year: with Lindau Supporters, business representatives and other players who want to make a difference through science, the aim is to discuss how these scientific ideas can be turned into viable concepts. A ranking of the three best projects will also be decided upon in this context.

    The opening and closing events of the Sciathon will be broadcast live on – an excellent opportunity for potential future Young Scientists, among others, to get a first impression of the Lindau Meetings.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Contact Communications

    Wolfgang Haaß
    +49 8382 / 27731-26

    Original publication:

    More information: Lindau Online Sciathon Sciathon Projects 2024 Twitter Hashtag Sciathon


    Young Scientists and Alumni present their projects at the Sciathon Forum during LINO23
    Young Scientists and Alumni present their projects at the Sciathon Forum during LINO23
    Julia Nimke
    Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

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    Young Scientists and Alumni present their projects at the Sciathon Forum during LINO23

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