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05/22/2024 12:18

FIBAA: New Video Explains the Role of FIBAA Experts in Accreditations and Certifications

Miriam Mesenholl Marketing & PR
FIBAA - Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation

    The FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) has released a new video on its social media platforms that provides a detailed explanation of the activities of FIBAA experts involved in accreditation processes. Professionals are invited to join the growing pool of FIBAA experts. Given the increasing number of accreditation procedures both domestically and internationally, as well as the addition of new fields of study, expanding the pool of experts is essential to ensure excellence in higher education.

    The role of a FIBAA expert offers an outstanding opportunity to actively shape national and international excellence in higher education. By participating, professionals have the chance to broaden their expertise, build international networks, and deepen their intercultural competence.

    This activity pertains to program accreditation, institutional accreditation, and certification processes. To meet these responsibilities, FIBAA relies on the diversity and expertise of its expert teams. Representatives from academia, professional practice, and the student body work together as equals to ensure the highest quality standards in higher education.

    Students and doctoral candidates with experience in university committees and student organizations, professionals from practice with knowledge of entrepreneurial or operational functions, scientists with active teaching and research activities, as well as country experts with specific knowledge of their respective countries, are warmly invited to apply as FIBAA experts.

    The tasks of FIBAA experts include, in addition to a thorough review of all relevant documents, a visit with discussion rounds at the university, college, or institutions (on-site, digitally, or in a hybrid format). FIBAA organizes the assessment process and covers all travel expenses, both national and international.

    Through comprehensive briefings, continuous support, and regular training, FIBAA experts are equipped to conduct assessments in accordance with the highest quality standards of ENQA and the German Accreditation Council. FIBAA values the expertise and competence of its experts. The project management prepares final reports based on their evaluations, incorporating corrections and additions from the experts.

    Interested professionals are invited to apply directly to FIBAA. After reviewing the documents, they will be admitted to the pool of FIBAA experts. Once a procedure matches their expertise and the assignment is approved, the FIBAA expert teams are ready to proceed.

    More information: further information can be found on our website
    ?si=QDE9XKvNwdsA-pbA watch thte full video


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