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07/09/2024 14:15

Constructor University appoints two new members to its Board of Governors, strengthening its strong profile in research

Rebecca Knecht Corporate Communications
Constructor University

    Constructor University has appointed two prominent members of the European research community to its Board of Governors, bolstering the University’s profile as a leading research institute. Both renowned theoretical physicist Professor Dieter Lüst and economist Prof. Yves Flückiger were unanimously elected to the Board and bring years of experience from academia with them to the Constructor community.

    “With Professor Dieter Lüst and Prof. Yves Flückiger, we have gained outstanding scientists, who will provide important impetus for the further development of the university,” says Dr. Stanislav Protasov, President of Constructor University. “In particular, Lüst and Flückiger will help us strengthen our research and university collaborations across Europe and beyond.”

    Professor Dieter Lüst is the Director at the Max-Planck-Institute for Physics in Munich and holds a chair for theoretical physics at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Previously, the 67-year-old taught and researched at Humboldt University in Berlin, among others.

    As a theoretical physicist, he is primarily concerned with string theory, a fundamental theory that attempts to explain all physical forces and particles. In 2000, the German Research Foundation awarded him the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, one of the most highly endowed German research prizes, for his scientific achievements.

    Dieter Lüst builds on the commitment of his father, Prof. Reimar Lüst, to the university, who was a board member and one of the founders of International University Bremen, from which Constructor University emerged.

    “I am most excited and delighted to join the Board of Governors of Constructor University. To be a member of this board is my special pleasure because of the deep engagement of my father in the past, which I was always following from the very beginning,” Lüst wrote. “Moreover, I am looking forward to bring in my own ideas and perspectives about fundamental research into Constructor University.”

    Yves Flückiger is Professor Emeritus from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He is now the President of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and previously served as the Rector of the University of Geneva from July 2015 until March 31, 2024. He was also President of swissuniversities, the umbrella organization of all Swiss universities, from 2020 to 2023. The renowned economist holds a degree in Economics and Sociology as well as a doctorate in Political Economy from the University of Geneva. He joined the Faculty at the University of Geneva in 1992, directing the University Employment Observatory and the Leading House center of excellence in Education Economics. He has authored numerous books as well as more than 120 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

    At the University of Geneva, he taught on labor economics, industrial organization, and public finances. In addition to this, he has directed numerous projects supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation on the themes of migration, wage discrimination, sexual segregation, new forms of employment, and child poverty. As Rector of the University of Geneva, he led its institution from the 62nd to the 49th place in the Shanghai ranking and had the immense privilege of witnessing the awarding of a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2019 and a Fields Medal in 2022. Flückiger’s appointment further strengthens the fruitful German-Swiss partnerships embodied by Constructor Group. Under his involvement, Constructor Group and the university of Geneva had already signed an agreement for advancements in quantum science and technology back in 2022.

    “I am thrilled to join the board of Constructor University, driven by the opportunity to foster international collaborations that will attract top students from around the globe. I am equally excited to strengthen our commitment to fundamental research, which has historically been the bedrock of groundbreaking discoveries”, Flückiger wrote. “Moreover, I hope to bring all the experience I have gained as President of LERU and swissuniversities to contribute to the development of Constructor University."


    With Prof. Yves Flückiger and Prof. Dieter Lüst, Constructor University is appointing two prominent members of the European research community to its Board of Governors.
    With Prof. Yves Flückiger and Prof. Dieter Lüst, Constructor University is appointing two prominent ...

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    With Prof. Yves Flückiger and Prof. Dieter Lüst, Constructor University is appointing two prominent members of the European research community to its Board of Governors.

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