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07/10/2024 11:55

Launch of “CISPA Display 2023”: CISPA publishes its first research-related yearbook

Felix Koltermann Unternehmenskommunikation
CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

    "CISPA Display 2023", the first CISPA yearbook created by Corporate Communications, is launched today. On 84 pages, “CISPA Display 2023” collects all the texts that the Science Communication department published on CISPA research papers in the past year. Every text is complemented by an individually designed graphic that visualizes the respective research topic. "CISPA Display" appears in both an English and a German edition and will be published annually. It offers even non-expert readers an insight into the wide range of topics in cybersecurity and trustworthy artificial intelligence that are researched at CISPA.

    Conducting excellent research is part of the DNA of the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. In 2023, CISPA researchers published a total of 188 scientific papers, many of them at high-ranking conferences. "Due to the groundbreaking technical developments of recent years, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are on everyone's lips", says CISPA CEO and founding director Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael Backes. "But what exactly we need as a society to unleash the immense potential of digitalization while also protecting our data and privacy is often not clear to people. Translation and communication are needed if we want to make the work of CISPA researchers understandable, especially when it comes to complicated and very fundamental topics. I am delighted that with 'CISPA Display' we now have a new publication format for this."

    Transferring knowledge to society

    "CISPA Display" brings together 18 texts on scientific papers by CISPA researchers that were published on the CISPA website in 2023. Each text is complemented by a visualization that the CISPA graphic designers created especially for the respective research topic. "CISPA Display" is published once a year from now on, appearing in a digital edition as well as a small print edition. "The strong publication activity of the CISPA researchers guarantees that there will always be many topics for our editors to choose from", explains Sebastian Klöckner, acting Head of Corporate Communications at CISPA.

    Overview of the research topics at CISPA

    The topics covered in the first edition of "CISPA Display" range from key management in cryptocurrencies, satellite security and authentication mechanisms in messenger services to methods for protecting against deepfakes. New security vulnerabilities in processors, automated protocol analyses and software tests as well as methods for uncertainty quantification of machine learning applications are also discussed. The researchers whose work is presented in "CISPA Display" are PhD students, postdocs and Faculty at CISPA, many of whom have collaborated with colleagues at renowned research centers worldwide. "The topics are exemplary of the great passion and broad scientific expertise with which our researchers work every day to make the digital world of tomorrow more secure", says Klöckner.

    More information:


    Cover of “CISPA Display 2023”
    Cover of “CISPA Display 2023”
    Janine Wichmann-Paulus

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    Cover of “CISPA Display 2023”

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