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12/23/1999 13:17

Decorative diamonds

Manuela Hoffmann Kommunikation

    Modern deposition techniques enable diamond layers of any shape and size to be formed. This makes completely new designs possible, for instance "picture diamonds". VALIUDIAMOND® consists of a CVD layer of diamond, on which any desired image can be applied.

    Nature has set a limit on the size of diamonds; this is what makes them so desirable and valuable. Not so technology: it can be used to produce large-surface synthetic diamonds to any size required. This in turn gives designers a completely new outlet for their creative talents. With high-tech diamonds it is possible to combine art, design and exclusivity. Together with Winter CVD Technik GmbH from Hamburg, the Fraunhofer Institute for Thin Films and Surface Engineering IST in Braunschweig has created a completely new generation of jewelry: "picture diamonds". VALIUDIAMOND® consists of a CVD layer of diamond, on which any desired pattern or image can be applied.
    The process is based on a diamond layer deposited in the gas phase. A mixture of methane gas and hydrogen is activated by hot filaments in a vacuum reactor, causing the carbon atoms to collect and grow on a substrate in the crystal structure of diamond. This results in homogeneous, poly-crystalline diamond layers, which are ideal as a dark background for the superimposed pattern or image. The first step in
    applying the image is to scan the desired motif, for instance a photograph, and produce a black-and-white version. Shades of gray are reproduced using a screen. This picture then serves as the pattern for the lithographic mask. Then an extremely thin layer of precious metal - gold, silver or platinum - is applied to the semi-mat black diamond layer. "Using lithographic techniques, the metal is etched away in those places that are to appear dark later. This creates the effect of a black-and-white picture", explains Dr Jan Gäbler from the IST. "The diamond layer forms the dark parts of the picture, and the applied metal forms the light, glossy parts."
    The individual choice of motifs makes each item of jewelry a unique piece, of personal significance to the wearer. VALIUDIAMOND® motifs are available as pendants for necklaces, as rings and as brooches. They can also be used for the face of wristwatches. In whatever form, they are always a very special decorative accessory.

    For further information:
    Dr.-Ing. Jan Gäbler
    Phone: +49 5 31/21 55-6 20
    Fax: +49 5 31/21 55-9 00
    Dipl.-Kfm. Ernst Michael Winter
    Phone: +49 40/80 44 29
    Fax: +49 40/80 43 89

    Fraunhofer-Institut für
    Schicht- und Oberflächen-
    technik IST
    Bienroder Weg 54 E
    D-38108 Braunschweig
    Press contact:
    Dr. Simone Kondruweit
    Phone: +49 5 31/21 55-5 35
    Fax: +49 5 31/21 55-9 00


    © Winter CVD Technik GmbH. VALIUDIAMOND® is a new generation of jewelry. A very thin layer of precious metal is applied to a semi-mat black layer of diamond.
    © Winter CVD Technik GmbH. VALIUDIAMOND® is a new generation of jewelry. A very thin layer of precio ...


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