SRH University Heidelberg offers three DAAD programs in 2020

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02/13/2020 13:24

SRH University Heidelberg offers three DAAD programs in 2020

Janna von Greiffenstern Kommunikation und Service
SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

    The Music Therapy Summer School and the interdisciplinary Summer School in the course of study Water Technology “Neckar Now” give international young scientists an insight into life, teaching and studying in Germany. The management of water resources is also the subject of three more events within the DAAD program “Ost-West-Dialog”.

    Thanks to the renewed DAAD support, international students who are interested in music therapy can now apply to participate in the International Music Therapy Summer School, now offered for the third time in a row. Together with lecturers from the Faculty of Therapeutic Sciences, participants will engage in topics such as “Challenges in Psychosomatics" in the first week and “Reflectingthe meaning of songs” in the second week in an intercultural context. „The success of our university in the domestic summer school programme is very pleasing,"; said Prof. Dr. Katja Rade, Rector of the SRH University Heidelberg. The Music Therapy Summer School takes place from 19th of July to 2nd of August 2020. For more information and to register, please visit

    The School of Engineering and Architecture is affiliated with the new English-language Master's degree course in Water Technology (M. Eng), which supports the first interdisciplinary summer school “Neckar Now: Transformative approaches to a sustainable future - engineering and architectural perspectives." “The connection between water technology and architecture is particularly important for sustainable urban development concepts” explains Prof. Dr. Marc Kirschbaum, head of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programme in architecture. As a city on the river, Heidelberg offers international students a suitable framework to learn methods of sustainable innovation management together with students of Water Technology and Architecture and work on their first practical projects. Excursions to the “NeckarOrten" as examples of successful urban development and to the energy storage facility of the municipal utilities offer students the opportunity to gain insights into practical experience and to enter into direct exchange with experts. The summer school will conclude with a public outdoor poster exhibition on the Neckar river with the participation of regional partners such as the Heidelberg public utilities and Prominent GmbH. Both summer schools are funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with 30,000 € each from the Federal Foreign Office (AA). The grants can help foreign applicants with their travel and accommodation costs. „ Neckar Now"; takes place from 16th until 22nd August 2020, more information and registration is available at

    The topic of water is also the focus of the Democratia - Aqua - Technica project by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gayh: Funded with 40,000 € in the DAAD programme “East-West Dialogue", three events are planned in 2020 which will deal with the question of innovative technical solution concepts for sustainable water resource management. The events are organized together with the Serbian partner university “University of Novi Sad” and other partner universities from Russia, Hungary and Turkey. The special feature about this project is that the students and doctoral candidates will work together on projects throughout the year, even between courses, and the transnational exchange will take place via a digital project logbook. In the future, further projects at EU level are to follow under the umbrella of the Democratia - Aqua - Technica initiative.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gayh
    Studiengangsleiterin Water Technology M.Eng.

    More information:

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