Assessment in Education – Challenges and possibilities

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02/05/2020 - 02/05/2020 | Berlin

Assessment in Education – Challenges and possibilities

Antrittsvorlesung von Prof. Christian Lundahl, Inhaber des Fritz-Karsen-Chairs 2020 der Professional School of Education (PSE) in Kooperation mit dem Interdisziplinären Zentrum für Bildungsforschung (IZBF) der HU Berlin.

Assessments are truly fundamental to educational institutions. Traditionally assessments have been closely linked to the educational system of merits. The last couple of decades though, two new purposes for assessments have emerged. The first one is linked to the governing of education using learning outcomes (i.e. test scores and grades) to hold schools accountable for their quality. The second one is linked to research findings on how so-called formative assessments (i.e. classroom feedback) can be a very strong tool to engage and motivate students in their learning and thus improve school results. The various purposes of assessments might however come to conflict with each other and put school leadership, teachers and students into challenges. The lecture departs from recent research in the field and Swedish empirical experiences, in order to present practical as well as theoretical tools to work productively with assessments in education.

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02/05/2020 18:15 - 02/05/2020 19:45

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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Hauptgebäude
Raum 1070
Unter den Linden 6
10117 Berlin

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all interested persons



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Teaching / education

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Presentation / colloquium / lecture




Boris Nitzsche


Abteilung Kommunikation, Marketing und Veranstaltungsmanagement

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