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Social media overview and new Twitter channels

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft

On a newly created overview page all ongoing activities concerning social media are now listed and described:
(can also be accessed via the idw homepage: About idw > idw Channels).

Twitter channels made to measure

So far, all idw news categorised as research findings was tweeted via a single Twitter channel. From now on, idw operates several Twitter channels and thus enables precisely targeted follow-up of the content:
In addition to “idw news” >,“English-language news” or “infos for journalists” such as accreditation instructions or up-to- date lists of experts

the idw team has compiled the research findings and research projects of all 32 idw subject areas in 5 lists of topics on Twitter:
Technology + Industry>
Society + Culture>
Environment + Life>
Economics, Politics + Law>

Separate subscriptions to specific subject areas are also available as an alternative.


Search / advanced search of the idw archives
Combination of search terms

You can combine search terms with and, or and/or not, e.g. Philo not logy.


You can use brackets to separate combinations from each other, e.g. (Philo not logy) or (Psycho and logy).


Coherent groups of words will be located as complete phrases if you put them into quotation marks, e.g. “Federal Republic of Germany”.

Selection criteria

You can also use the advanced search without entering search terms. It will then follow the criteria you have selected (e.g. country or subject area).

If you have not selected any criteria in a given category, the entire category will be searched (e.g. all subject areas or all countries).